RUBARU;: A Grand Event Organized by Noida International University

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Greater Noida, 4th October 2023 ‘RUBARU’, a grand event aimed to welcome a new batch was successfully organized by the Cultural Committee & Student Council of Noida International University in the Academic block of the university. Various talent hunts, Q&As, Fashion walks, and other competitions and rounds were organized to know the creative and original personalities of young minds. The event was thrilling with the captivating band and other performances.

The event not only celebrated the diversity and talent of the incoming students but also highlighted the warm and inclusive culture that defines Noida International University. The fruitful event looks forward with the hope that the memories created at the Freshers’ welcome will serve as a strong foundation for the new student’s journey at Noida International University.

Speaking on the grand event, Ms. Sneha Mishra, Head Cultural Committee, at Noida International University stated, “The Freshers’ Welcome event at Noida International University was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of our new students and the support of the university community. It provided a platform for freshers to showcase their talents, creativity, and intellect, while also fostering a sense of unity and belonging within the university”.

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