Pivotal Role of K-12 Educational Institutions in shaping children’s Character

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Ms. Sinduri Reddy,

By Ms. Sinduri Reddy, Founder & Managing Director, The Premia Academy

Education holds within it’s embrace, the power to not only shape intellect, but their spirit and their approach towards the challenges of life. As the seeds of knowledge, values and virtue take seed at schools, it is imperative that the journey every learner takes encompasses academic pursuits, the discovery and cultivation of talents, the exploration of passions and hobbies, and the fostering of social responsibility. The nature of education has become more transformative, in that the emphasis has shifted from scholarly knowledge, to that that transcends the confines of textbooks! The awareness that cognitive abilities must be strengthened, and education must promote a healthy thought process is on the rise. The development and future of our nation are inextricably linked to how well the present educational system functions. The curiosity and skills required to develop into better people must be instilled in young, impressionable minds with the assistance of a school.

Parents, with hearts overflowing with love, labor tirelessly to provide their children with the very best that life has to offer. And while it is crucial to stay attuned to the latest trends and advancements in education, we never lose sight of the timeless values of family, of kinship, and of the profound connections that bind us all.

We believe young thinkers need a place not just to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to grow into responsible individuals who will carve a niche for themselves. The Premia Academy, one of the very few schools in Hyderabad with a CBSE and IGCSE Integrated curriculum stands to be a beacon of hope for today’s generation by providing children with a holistic approach to learning. It is more than just its sprawling campus. It takes pride in providing the best facilities to the students, but it doesn’t stop there. Teaching and learning go beyond books, the four walls of a classroom, and imagination. It is a collective thought, inclusive pedagogy, and the shared goal of a bright future for all, backed by research, experience and awareness.

In a modern school, learning occurs both inside and outside of the classroom, including in playgrounds, hallways, music rooms and public areas. The methods chosen to instill perseverance, determination, and discipline—qualities that come naturally—into people include participating in various sports and artistic endeavors. With the help of industry leaders and a burst of new energy, a brilliant fusion of academics, athletics, and value systems has been accomplished.

The schools should believe in laying a solid foundation for learning by encouraging children to participate in a variety of activities and reflect on their work in order to absorb concepts, develop mental models, and apply their learnings in a local or global setting, utilizing multidisciplinary techniques that incorporate both theoretical and activity-based learning. The student’s need to be directed to identify real-life problems in the neighbouring communities and find practical solutions for the same. This will inculcate

problem-solving skills and a pragmatic and empathetic approach towards society, making the children grow into responsible citizens of the future.

In addition to supporting their academic, personal & social development, students can gain from drama and arts facilities in a number of ways. School is a child’s first opportunity for socialization. Until that point, the child’s only human interactions had been with his or her parents and close family members. Schools expose children to new ideas as well as their peers their own age. This instills in them sociable behaviors like empathy, friendship, participation, and assistance, which will be useful in adulthood. Furthermore, familiarity encourages taking advantage of circumstances, and the availability of activities such as sports and crafts encourages children to channel their boundless energy into something positive.

Earlier schools were just thought of as places where students learned about historical events, tackled challenging mathematical problems, or memorized sonnets. A child learns to go beyond the traditional method of rote learning in the current educational environment. They are taught to form their own opinions, and the flexible curriculum encourages inquiry. The child is set free from the restrictions of mental blocks and is allowed to let his or her imagination run wild. The value of imagination is emphasized frequently. A system that is well-developed is the result of play activities and a comprehensive curriculum. At school, kids are exposed to a wide range of resources from which they can learn a tremendous amount of knowledge that is crucial to their overall development.

Education is the foundation of any society. It is in charge of the overall development. The quality of education provided is an important factor in how society develops. As a result, schools play an important role in shaping a country’s future by promoting the holistic development of its future citizens.

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