Oswaal Books ventures into the World of Early Education by launching “Lil Legends” and India’s first writing program with Ms. Sonia Agarwal Bajaj

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New Delhi, 26th July 2023: Oswaal Books, India’s leading publication house, is proud to unveil its newest venture, ‘Lil Legends’, a new brand dedicated to empowering young minds by fostering creativity and joy for learning from the very early years. Oswaal Books partnered with the renowned educationist, Sonia Agarwal Bajaj to author their launching series for Lil Legends.

Lil Legends is truly set to take the world of early education by storm by introducing India’s first revolutionary pre-writing program that aims to give early educators, parents, and toddlers access to a structured and simplified way to build a strong foundation in writing skills.

There are four books as a part of this writing series for now. Each book has been thoughtfully designed by the author, to help children be introduced to pre-writing in an age-appropriate way, boost vocabulary and instil joy for learning. The four-book series includes:

Lil Legends Lines and Patterns Tracing Book (Level 0)

Uppercase Tracing & Vocabulary Book (Level-1)

Uppercase Tracing & Vocabulary Book (Level-2)

Lil Legends Number Tracing & Activity Book (Level-1)

The series is conceptualized around a five S-Philosophy, that cater to each child’s unique learning needs, making it an unparalleled educational journey which is Skill Escalation, Strategic Sequence, Smart Dot Guidance, Stimulation-based Practice and Self-Appreciation and challenges many traditionally followed writing norms by introducing letter L before letter A. With the desire to educate parents and early educators, the books also include a detailed guide on age-appropriate writing tools and techniques to assist toddlers master the art of writing.

Sonia Agarwal Bajaj, the author and entrepreneurial mind behind this revolutionary program, is a strong advocate of early education and its profound influence on a child’s holistic growth. She emphasizes that this program goes beyond teaching kids how to write; it nurtures their innate curiosity, and love for learning.

Swaati Jain, Editorial Director, Oswaal Books, shared her excitement about this new category “We are thrilled to introduce Lil Legends as a brand that is dedicated to early learning. With the launch of our Writing Books series, we aim to simplify the learning journey for parents and children alike. Lil Legends is not just about teaching letters and numbers; it’s about nurturing young minds, fostering creativity, and instilling a lifelong love for learning.”

Sonia Agarwal Bajaj, the Educationist, expressed her vision for the program “With Lil Legends, we are taking a giant step towards shaping a better future for our children. Despite the countless tracing books available, India lacked a cohesive writing program that mindfully and strategically introduced writing to toddlers. Our writing program will help parents, early educators help their little ones embark on their writing journey with more joy and ease.”

Oswaal Books invites parents, teachers, and young learners to embark on this captivating writing adventure and witness their child’s growth and progress through the magic of education.

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