Oswaal Books Introduces Comprehensive Range of UPSC Books for Aspiring Civil Service Candidates

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New Delhi, 6th July 2023 – Oswaal Books, a prominent name in the field of educational publishing, is delighted. With the establishment of a dedicated UPSC department two years ago, Oswaal Books has meticulously curated a collection of trusted content authored by renowned writers and IAS officers.

The newly introduced UPSC CSE books by Oswaal provide aspirants with comprehensive study material to excel in their UPSC CSE exam preparation. The range includes:

UPSC CSE Previous Year’s Papers Books: These meticulously crafted books provide aspiring candidates with a valuable resource for the previous years’ UPSC papers (Paper 1 & 2). Designed to offer insights into the examination pattern, these books enable students to develop a deeper understanding of the UPSC CSE exam. With detailed solutions and expert tips, aspirants gain the necessary guidance to crack the examination successfully.

UPSC CSE 29 Years Book: This book is an essential study material that compiles 29 years’ worth of UPSC CSE Prelims examination questions. Available in chapter-wise and topic-wise formats, this comprehensive book allows candidates to focus on specific subjects and enhance their grasp of the syllabus. It features an extensive collection of 5000+ topic-wise questions, valuable exam insights, trend analysis of past papers, and expert guidance.

Mock Test Papers: To provide candidates with an authentic exam experience, Oswaal Books offers 15 mock test papers for the UPSC Prelims exam (Paper 1 & Paper 2). These mock tests accurately simulate the actual examination environment, allowing aspirants to assess their preparedness, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and refine their exam strategies.

NCERT Books: The comprehensive set of books offered by Oswaal Books covers all NCERT textbooks, both old and new editions, from classes 6 to 12. This resource condenses the vast syllabus into a concise and accessible format, making it an indispensable tool for UPSC CSE aspirants. The guide is enriched with over 1000 thought-provoking questions and includes chapter-wise multiple-choice questions in three difficulty levels. It serves as an invaluable resource not only for UPSC CSE but also for State PSCs and other central and state government competitive exams.

Power Banks: Oswaal Books presents subject-specific power banks designed to facilitate the learning process of UPSC CSE aspirants. These power banks contain over 1000 practice questions and provide detailed explanations and concept clarity through subject analysis videos created by UPSC experts. By utilizing these power banks, candidates can engage in regular practice, consolidate their knowledge effectively, and gain a better understanding of various subjects.

Oswaal Books’ meticulously designed UPSC CSE books foster diverse aspirants, offering curated content, comprehensive coverage, and ample practice for success. “At Oswaal Books, we are fully committed to empowering aspirants with top-quality educational resources,” stated Prashant Jain, CEO of Oswaal Books. “With our extensive range of UPSC books, we aim to provide comprehensive study material that covers every aspect of the UPSC examination. Our esteemed authors and IAS officers ensure that our books offer trusted content and valuable insights.”, he added.

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