Love and affection fill the air at GIIS Hadapsar as they celebrate Mother’s Day

 GIIS Hadapsar as they celebrate Mother’s Day

Pune, 17th, May 2023: Global Indian International School (GIIS) celebrated Mother’s Day with a range of activities to cherish the special bond between mother and children. The event took place at the Hadapsar campus wherein students from the pre-primary, primary and secondary sections participated in various activities like singing, art and craft, and skit presentation.

The students from the pre-primary presented their moms with beautiful badges, followed by fun games, and a song dedication. The students from the primary section prepared beautiful and colorful greeting cards, presented special songs, and recited poems. Besides these activities, students also performed solo and group dance routines, and delivered speeches to honor all the mothers present at the campus.

The highlight of the celebrations was the special assembly organized by the students from the secondary segment. They performed a special act to encapsulate the pure relation between a mother and child by enacting the bond between Lord Krishna and Yashoda. The inseparable bond between Lord Krishna and his mother is known to all and this was beautifully depicted in the performance by the students. The astounding performance brought a bright smile on the faces and warmed everyone’s heart.

Commenting on the occasion, Dr D. Lakshmi Prasanna, Principal, Global Indian International School, Hadapsar, said, “Mothers are an essential part of our lives, they are our pillar of strength, and we wanted to take this opportunity to show them how much we appreciate everything they do. The beautiful performances by the students were truly heartwarming and a memorable experience for all present.”

The Mother’s Day celebrations at GIIS Smart Campus left a lasting impression on everyone present. The celebrations were a beautiful reminder of the love and affection that mothers provide to their children, and an opportunity to express gratitude for their tireless efforts.

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