Job placements in Finance and Accounting roles witnessed a steady rise in 2023, reports Zell Education

Zell Education, a prominent Ed-tech platform specializing in finance and accounts education, has released a comprehensive report highlighting a remarkable surge in placements within the finance and accounts domain for the year 2023. The data-driven insights offer valuable information on student demographics, educational backgrounds, salary trends, and roles within the sector.

The report reveals a diverse student demographic, with 74.63% of students originating from metropolitan areas and 25.37% from non-metro regions. This diversity is mirrored in the success stories emerging from both sets of applicants, emphasizing the widespread influence of finance and accounting education.

The data emphasizes educational and age diversity among successful placements. Graduates aged 19-25 constitute 51.40%, postgraduates above 25 contribute 8.78%, and undergraduates aged 14-19 make up 39.82% of the thriving talent pool. This broad spectrum underscores the effectiveness of Zell’s educational offerings catering to a varied audience.
Graduates students pursuing their degrees have secured an average offered salary of 6.6 LPA, while freshers command an average of 3.5 LPA. Graduates have received impressive offers averaging 12 LPA, with the highest offer reaching an outstanding 50 LPA. These salary trends signify both the competence of graduates and the strong demand for finance and accounts professionals in the current job market.

Students from diverse academic backgrounds, including, CA (Inter) IPCC, CA Qualified, MBA, BBI, BBM, BAF, BMM, BMS, and Indian CMA, are actively pursuing global certifications. Graduates are excelling in a myriad of roles such as accounting and risk advisory, mergers and acquisitions, valuations, internal audit, statutory audit, forensic audit, investment banking, corporate finance, equity research, portfolio management, financial planning and analysis, and management accountancy.

The report showcases the successful placement of over 2000 students in renowned organizations, reflecting Zell Education’s commitment to excellence. Top recruiters, including Morgan Stanley, HDFC Bank, EY, JP Morgan, Deloitte, and Standard Chartered, have recognized the caliber of graduates, reinforcing Zell’s position as a key player in shaping the finance and accounts workforce.

Pratham Barot, CEO & Co-Founder, Zell Education said, “ It is insightful to see such placement records for our students. It reaffirms the fact that global certification when combined with traditional degrees can lead to better career outcomes. This year-end data underscores not only the diverse talent pool that Zell Education cultivates but also the industry’s recognition of our graduates’ competence”.

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