Jee Mains Counseling: Tips for 2024 Process Choice Filling

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After passing the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main, selecting the best engineering college can be difficult. Your academic and professional career is mapped in large part by the JEE Main counseling process. The following are seven elements to help you make a wise choice-

  1. Preparation -Candidates must select the colleges and courses they want to take from the given list when completing choice-filling. When it comes to choosing which colleges and courses to apply for in the JEE application process, as well as what sequence to choose them in, careful planning is required. Insufficient or no preparation might result in confusion, the selection of incorrect courses or colleges, and other potentially harmful outcomes for the students.
  2. Haphazard filling without thoughtful consideration – In JEE seat counseling, combining course and institute combinations randomly and without careful thinking is a common blunder. Candidates should carefully consider which of their top choices to prioritize since the system frequently selects the option that is listed first.
  3. Clear understanding of freeze, float, and slide -The candidates must choose between the options freeze, float, and slide when they are provided a seat during the counseling session.
  4. Choosing seats only based on cut-offs –Although cut-offs are important parameters, relying only on them may produce biased results. They are not infallible in the modern era. Numerous factors, such as the number of open seats and the volume of applications, influence the allocation process.
  5. Choosing colleges based on only one course -Students frequently select schools solely based on a well-liked course while making their selections.
  6. Fill in a large number of choices – If a candidate is ranked in the top 100 or 200, it is advised that they put in at least 50 odd options when asked to complete a choice sheet. It is advised that candidates, including those with the highest ranking, complete as many fields as they can.
  7. Lock the choices – Although they complete the options, students frequently forget to lock them in the hopes of changing them later. The system automatically locks the most recent choices that were saved if the choices are not locked. Thus, lock down the possibilities before considering additional options.

As stated by Dr. Arjit Tomar, Assistant Professor, School of Engineering and Technology, Noida International University- These days, selecting the best engineering college involves significant thought, investigation, and decision-making to secure a strong academic and professional future. During the JEE Main counseling process, you can select a path that will lead to a prosperous future by keeping some of the guidelines in mind. These elements have to align with your academic and professional objectives. When a candidate chooses the Float option, they are first offered a spot in an NIT and then promoted to an IIT in the next round. Consequently, candidates are required to return to IIT instead of NIT for document verification. In this case, candidates would lose their positions at NIT and IIT due to inaccurate reporting.

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