GrowthSchool launches ‘Project Rise Again’ – a $500,000 scholarship fund to combat mass layoffs

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Bangalore, April 19, 2023: GrowthSchool, a fast-growing ed-tech platform, has launched ‘Project Rise Again,’ a $500,000 scholarship fund to help people who have been laid off in recent times acquire new skills and get back on their feet. GrowthSchool will provide 100% scholarships on their highest-rated upskilling programs to support affected people in overcoming their hardships.

Anyone affected by recent layoffs can apply for the scholarship, and the selection criteria include parameters such as CTC in the last company, number of dependents and household income, and time since the person was laid off.

Vaibhav Sisinty,

Sharing his vision behind this initiative, Vaibhav Sisinty, CEO and Founder of GrowthSchool, said, “These are challenging times for the working professionals. The trauma and hardships of being laid off despite putting in the best efforts can be overwhelming. I have experienced this scenario twice in my career, and I fully understand the emotional and financial stress such incidents can cause. With the generous support of our esteemed mentors from top brands, we aim to empower the laid-off workforce by offering access to our intensive courses, expert-led guidance, and job assistance. Our goal is to provide a lifeline for those affected by mass layoffs, helping them regain their footing in the professional world and rebuild their careers. Together, we can rise again and build a brighter future.”

With more than 3.15 lakh people losing their jobs globally in the last twelve months alone as major tech giants and digital-first startups downsize their workforce, the trend of mass layoffs has caused severe financial instability, stress, anxiety, and affected all-round relationships and quality of life for many. Project Rise Again comes as a beacon of hope, providing an opportunity for those impacted to acquire new skills, enhance their employability, and rebuild their careers. It’s a much-needed step towards mitigating the adverse effects of mass layoffs and creating a brighter future for those facing this challenge.

As one of the mentors associated with the project, Arjun Vaidya Co-Founder, V3 Ventures, said, “Project Rise Again is a commendable initiative by GrowthSchool. In the current scenario of widespread layoffs, upskilling and reskilling are crucial strategies for tech professionals to regain employment. The commitment shown by GrowthSchool demonstrates their unwavering dedication to helping people during challenging times. As a mentor, my goal is to empower learners with the latest industry-relevant knowledge, and I am thrilled to be associated with this project. I wish the very best to all those who are part of Project Rise Again, and I am confident that it will make a significant positive impact on the lives and careers of those affected by mass layoffs.”

The courses under ‘Project Rise Again’ will be run by over 150 expert mentors who have demonstrated great proficiency and a successful track record in a diversity of roles.

Some of the mentors participating in this one-of-its-kind initiative include Abhishek G (Head of CLM Asia – OLX Group), Abhishek Nag (Partner, Lightspeed India), Aakrit Vaish (Co-Founder and CEO, Haptik), Kanan Rai (Director of Partnerships, Razorpay & Ex-Google), Ashish Singh (Senior Growth Manager, Google), Aadil Bandukwala (Senior Director of Marketing, HackerRank), Anudeep Ayyagari (UX Designer, Amazon), Siddhartha Kathpalia (Ex-Marketing Head VWO: USA)

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