EuroKids Preschool Spreads Festive Cheer among 2000+ toddlers with its vibrant Christmas celebrations

EuroKids Preschool

Bengaluru, 27th December 2023 EuroKids Preschool, the country’s foremost preschool expert, instilled the festive spirit among toddlers through its Christmas celebrations held on 25th December. To create a vibrant and engaging festive atmosphere for the little ones, EuroKids celebrated Christmas across India. The festivities created a memorable and enriching experience for 2000+ toddlers, fostering a spirit of joy, creativity, and learning.

Through these celebrations, EuroKids seeks to bring the magic of the season to their preschools and enhance the overall learning and development experience for their toddlers. Through various group activities, the brand hopes to have Christmas hold a special place in children’s hearts as a time of joy, togetherness, and wonder. EuroKids believes celebrating this festive season with toddlers is paramount, as it contributes significantly to their early holistic development. The impact of such celebrations goes beyond the joyous moments, promoting social interaction, creativity, and the building of essential skills that will shape their future.

The celebrations were packed with delightful activities designed to engage and educate toddlers. From Christmas tree decoration to help develop fine motor skills to a holiday sing-along with classic tunes and simple instruments, EuroKids is committed to providing a nurturing and joyous experience for their little ones. The DIY Christmas cards station encouraged personal expression and creativity, while the ‘Preschool Decoration Day’ allowed toddlers to actively transform their learning environment into a festive wonderland.

Commenting on the celebrations, KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning (EuroKids), said, ” At EuroKids, celebrating the festive season goes beyond just a joyful occasion; it’s a commitment to creating a nurturing environment where every child’s potential is embraced and encouraged. We are excited to share the magic of Christmas with our little ones, creating lasting memories and fostering a deep love for learning. As India’s earliest preschool expert, we are dedicated to providing quality early childhood education that goes beyond textbooks and ensures a holistic and enjoyable learning experience for every child.”

Speaking on the joyful celebration of Christmas, Ms. Himabindu, Centre Head, EuroKids Mallampet, said, “Our Christmas celebration was a joyous extravaganza filled with laughter and merriment. The children had a delightful experience as Santa spread cheer, contributing joy and warmth to our festivities and creating a truly magical event. This celebration taught children the importance of kindness, generosity, and the joy of giving, leaving lasting impressions. May the warmth of Christmas continue to illuminate the path of education, shaping young learners into compassionate global citizens.”

Guided by the ‘Child First, Safety First’ ideology, EuroKids remains dedicated to delivering excellence in early childhood care and education, prioritizing the holistic development of each child. The innovative EUNOIA curriculum, known for its thoughtful structure and innovation, is designed to cultivate a child’s Mind, Body, and Soul, imparting vital life skills and values along the way.

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