Enviro (Facility Management Company) promotes Health and Wellness on International Yoga Day in Gurugram

Yoga Day in Gurugram

Gurugram: Enviro (Facility Management Company) organized International Yoga Day events in Vatika India Next, Gurugram, to aim yoga as a health-promoting method. Over 300 participants from various communities, including City Homes, Seven Lamps, Gurgaon-21, and Lifestyle Homes participated in the event. The morning sessions began at 6 a.m., with City Homes hosting the event, followed by Seven Lamps at 7 a.m. and Gurgaon-21 at 6 a.m. The event was a success, with participants expressing gratitude for the agency’s efforts.

Speaking about the occasion, Mr. AK Singh, CEO of Enviro Maintenance Agency stated-“highlighted the detrimental impacts of our rising sedentary lifestyles on our health. He emphasized the value of introducing yoga into hectic schedules to preserve physical and mental wellness. According to Mr. Singh, people may improve their general well-being by devoting time to yoga, which can start with basic asanas.”

The celebration aimed to inspire more people to embrace yoga and raise awareness about its numerous benefits. The event included a group meditation session, bringing together students, yoga enthusiasts, and members of the working class. Participants praised the program’s role in promoting yoga integration into everyday life and fostering a culture of wellness, making a positive impact on community members’ lives.

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