CMR University Students celebrate Ethnic Day Aavishkar 2023

CMR University Students celebrate

Bangalore, 28 th April 2023 – CMR University’s School of Management hosted its annual Ethnic Day celebration, Aavishkar on April 26th, 2023 at the OMBR Layout Satellite Campus. This year’s theme was Indian Cinema, and students dressed up in traditional attire representing their favorite celebrities.

The event was a colorful and vibrant celebration of India’s rich cultural heritage and the significant influence of Indian cinema on its people. Students enthusiastically participated in various activities like dance performances, fashion shows, and other cultural programs highlighting the evolution of Indian cinema over the years.

Dr. Mini.T, Head-In-Charge at the School of Management, congratulated the students for their efforts in organizing the event and emphasized the importance of celebrating the diversity and inclusivity of India’s culture.

“CMR University takes pride in providing a platform for our students to showcase their talents and embrace the diversity of our nation,” said Dr. Mini.”

Ethnic day was certainly a memorable day, especially for those who are away from their homes as it was a chance to recollect the memories associated with their states, cultures and traditions. Ethnic day at CMRU gave a chance to relive those moments by remembering and going back to the roots of our diversity, said Mr. Dhanush, Student Coordinator. The event was attended by faculty members, staff, and students from across the university, creating a festive atmosphere on campus.

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