World Health Day – Health for All

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By Ms. Neetha Joy, Director at ACT For Health

Tech-led innovations have the potential to revolutionize the public health landscape in India by improving access, affordability, and quality of healthcare services. With the increasing adoption of digital technologies, healthcare providers can leverage data analytics, telemedicine, mobile health, and other emerging technologies to address the challenges faced by the healthcare sector in India.

In rural areas, where healthcare facilities are limited, telemedicine can enable remote consultations with doctors and specialists, reducing the need for patients to travel long distances. Mobile health apps can provide patients with access to health information and reminders for appointments and medication, improving adherence to treatment protocols. Data analytics can help healthcare providers identify trends and patterns in disease outbreaks, allowing for more effective prevention and treatment.

Moreover, the use of technology can lead to cost savings in the healthcare sector by reducing administrative overheads and improving efficiency. With the implementation of digital health records, patients can have a unified medical record accessible to all healthcare providers, leading to better care coordination and reduced medical errors.

Talking about the same, Ms. Neetha Joy, Director at ACT For Health says, “Private innovations can play a significant role in bridging the accessibility to affordability gap and strengthening the public healthcare ecosystem in India. Technologies like telemedicine, point-of-care diagnostics and artificial intelligence have great potential to address need gaps in the care continuum. But while such innovative solutions hold a lot of potentials, they require more collaboration across the board to create sustainable impact – public-private partnerships that can leverage the innovation and expertise of the private sector, while also utilizing the reach and distribution capabilities of the public sector to achieve greater impact”

Overall, tech-led innovations have the potential to transform the public health landscape in India by increasing access to healthcare services, improving health outcomes, and reducing healthcare costs. However, it is crucial to ensure that the benefits of these innovations are equitably distributed to all sections of society, including underserved communities.

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