WorkIndia Unveils Alarming Pay Parity Discrepancies in the Blue-Collar Industry, Comparing Gender and White-Collar Sectors

22nd June 2023  – WorkIndia, a leading tech-enabled platform for blue-collar recruitment, has conducted a comprehensive survey on pay parity within the blue-collar industry, shedding light on striking disparities between genders and comparing them to the white-collar sector. The findings expose significant variations in average salaries, with women experiencing a concerning pay gap. WorkIndia is committed to addressing these inequalities and championing fair compensation practices across all industries.

The survey, which encompassed 1,001 blue-collar workers from diverse sectors such as Telecalling, Real Estate, Hospitality, Healthcare, Retail, and E-commerce, offers compelling insights into pay parity dynamics. Of the participants, 48% were female, while 52% were male. The sample size represented a wide range of age groups, with 50% falling between 18 to 25 years, and a mere 3% above 45 years.

Analysis of the data revealed that a majority of manual workers (61%) were male, while 62% of females were engaged in technical occupations, emphasizing distinct occupational preferences within the blue-collar industry.

The survey findings indicate that 58% of participants believed there is existing pay discrimination, both in terms of gender and when compared to the white-collar industry. Notably, a majority of 54% of women reported having personally witnessed pay discrimination due to their gender. Intriguingly, 61% of men acknowledged the existence of pay disparities among blue-collar and white-collar workers, as well as within gender categories.

The study further revealed that 47% of survey participants had negotiated for salary and benefits before joining a company, with 43% of them successfully attaining their desired outcomes through these negotiations.

In terms of average salaries, blue-collar workers earn an average of Rs. 17,080 per month, while their white-collar counterparts secure higher average salaries ranging from Rs. 25,000 to 35,000. These figures underscore the significant wage gap that persists between the two sectors. Similarly, the average salary for men in the blue-collar industry is Rs. 18,612, whereas women receive an average salary of Rs. 15,410. This highlights a substantial difference of 17.2% in earnings between men and women.

Mr. Nilesh Dungarwal, Co-Founder and CEO of WorkIndia, expressed his thoughts on the findings, stating, “WorkIndia is dedicated to fostering fairness and equal opportunities in the workplace. The survey results highlight the urgent need to address pay parity disparities in the blue-collar industry, not only in terms of gender but also when compared to the white-collar sector. We remain committed to working closely with employers, policymakers, and industry stakeholders to drive positive change and ensure that all workers receive equitable compensation for their efforts.”

Of noteworthy significance, the survey findings indicate that participants from Delhi constituted the largest group who acknowledged the existence of pay parity due to gender discrimination followed by Mumbai, Bangalore, and Pune. Cities like Chennai and Kolkata showcased the least belief in the same, reflecting regional variations in awareness regarding this issue.

As a technology-driven employment solutions platform, WorkIndia endeavors to bridge the pay parity gap by promoting transparency, accessibility, and opportunities for blue-collar workers. Through its user-friendly mobile application and web platform, WorkIndia empowers job seekers while enabling employers to make informed hiring decisions, ultimately striving for a more inclusive and equitable workforce.

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