Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road achieves Advanced Stroke Centre Accreditation by QAI first in Maharashtra

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Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road achieves Advanced Stroke Centre Accreditation by QAI first in MaharashtraWockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road has been conferred Accreditation of Advanced Stroke Centre by the prominent Quality and Accreditation Institute (QAI) – Centre for Accreditation of Health & Social Care. This is considered one of the highest standards of quality accreditation for Stroke, making Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road first in Maharashtra to achieve this exceptional feat and revolutionize Stroke care standards with top-notch quality care, state-of-the-art technology, and skilled expertise for acute care and rehabilitation. The hospital offers comprehensive care for stroke patients under one roof to treat all types of brain strokes 24×7 days with successful outcomes. Before this the Wockhardt Stroke Centre was also been Awarded a Platinum rating in 2022 and a Gold Rating in 2023 by the World Stroke Organization Angels Awards.

“India has a huge number of brain strokes. Stroke can happen to anyone, anywhere, and demands immediate medical intervention. “Time is Life,” and every minute counts for a stroke patient. Given this, the Hospital has established a well-equipped and manned Advanced Stroke Centre and formed a Stroke Support Group wherein stroke survivors come together and share their experiences on a common platform and motivate other stroke patients to work on rehabilitation as it can lead to permanent disabilities. Once a stroke patient arrives in the ER we announce a special Code for initiating Stroke protocol which helps all the members of the stroke team to get alert for quicker treatment. The patient is clinically assessed and wheeled to the Neuroimaging suite swiftly and once the ischemic stroke is confirmed if the patient is within a window period of 4.5 hours then IV thrombolysis (clot buster) is initiated within one hour of arrival of the patient. If the patient has a large vessel occlusion then shifted to the Cath lab for mechanical thrombectomy (retrieval of the clot by accessing through groin or wrist artery) within 90 minutes of arrival is done by a Neurointerventionalist. If the patient has a midline shift or mass effect due to brain swelling or bleeding then life-saving decompressive craniotomy (removal of part of the skull to allow the swelling in the brain to expand) is performed by the Neurosurgery team. Later patient is observed in ICU and Neurorehabilitation is initiated. In order to keep the team trained and motivated regular NIHSS training and certification of staff is performed said Dr Pavan Pai, Consultant Interventional Neurologist,

“Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road is proud to have achieved accreditation from the Quality Accreditation Institute (QAI). During the assessment, various areas pertaining to the treatment of stroke patients were assessed for quality and patient care. Timelines to initiate IV thrombolysis and Mechanical thrombectomy were analyzed and found to be satisfactory. Patients undergoing treatment were interviewed for delight. Efforts taken to spread stroke awareness among the community were taken into consideration. The hospital has been at the forefront of treating fatal neurological conditions such as a stroke, aneurysms, intra-cranial bleeding, etc. On average this center alone treated 150+ Stroke Patients in the last year, with an average – of almost one new stroke patient every two days. We cater to a wide population right from Boisar and Dahanu Road in the north to Kandivali in the south. We also do community stroke awareness programs such as the stroke marathon. The hospital has a special Code White for Stroke Emergency handling and state of a art center including a cath lab, ICU, CT & MRI facilities, a Thrombolysis facility, a 24x7x365 availability Full-time Interventional Neurologist, dedicated Stroke Nurse. The hospital has a dedicated Stroke Helpline Number – 8108181081. This center offers hope to those affected by strokes, providing timely and effective care that can make all the difference in saving lives. Having a dedicated team with specialized training in stroke management enables swift decision-making and efficient coordination of treatment plans leading to better chances of recovery for patients. With its commitment to excellence in stroke care, the Hospital is set to make a noteworthy impact on the lives of many individuals facing this critical neurological problem,” Dr. Pankaj Dhamija, Center Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road.

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