Vipul Gupta Talks about Balancing Honesty and Complexity in Playing Ashutosh for Amazon miniTV’s Hack Crimes Online

 Honesty and Complexity i

Mumbai, 22nd November 2023: Amazon miniTV- Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released a series titled – Hack Crimes Online. With multiple facets of cybercrimes addressed in the series, including hacking social media accounts, blackmailing, siphoning funds, and ransomware attacks, it illustrates the dark world of digital media. Featuring Vipul Gupta, and Riddhi Kumar in pivotal roles, the captivating series portrays the story of a diverse cybercrime task force.

Vipul Gupta who writes about the role of ACP Ashutosh speaks candidly about his character in the series; he says, “Ashutosh is an honest cop and a good human being; he is desperate for his personal advancement and for solving cybercrimes, making a difference in society, and fighting for it so that it can get the right resources. A smart guy who believes that the old way would not work with today’s hackers therefore masterminds in this sense from his team to uncut gems. He has a strong feeling that only diamonds cut diamonds; hackers can hack hackers. That is his masterstroke, and it is how he is an ethical hacker, always polishing these jewels to keep things moving.”

Further sharing about his personal cybercrime experience he added, “We all get anonymous calls from international numbers nowadays, and the government has done a good job of raising awareness that we should not take these calls or click on these anonymous links, but yesterday I got a call from Scotland that saying we are waiting for your legacy to pass some million pounds. So, yes it continues. I have not been hacked as of now but a lot of friends and family members have suffered from hacking, and sometimes lots of my celebrity friends’s Instagram or Facebook accounts are getting hacked”.

Hack Crimes Online portrays how we can be observed at all times, as well as how the internet is an ocean of knowledge in today’s world, with hackers shown as powerful sharks. Hack Crimes Online is currently streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV available on Amazon’s shopping app, on Fire TV, and on Play Store

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