Vegas Mall Hosts a Star-Studded Evening with the Cast of Carry on Jatta 3

Vegas Mall Hosts

Vegas Mall, Delhi’s most popular shopping and entertainment destination of Delhi, hosted a grand event, featuring the prominent stars of the “Carry on Jatta 3.” The primary attractions of the evening were the charismatic duo Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa, who graced Vegas Mall to promote their upcoming blockbuster movie.

The event witnessed an electrifying atmosphere as fans and movie enthusiasts flocked to Vegas Mall to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa and the audiences’ favorite artists, Fazilpuria, Veer Sandhu, and Hashmat Sultana, delivered breathtaking performances that left everyone spellbound.

The event at Vegas Mall with the cast of “Carry on Jatta 3” left a lasting mark on the hearts of attendees. The electrifying performances, the infectious energy, and the opportunity to interact with their favourite stars created a truly memorable experience for the attendees. Vegas Mall continues to shine as the ultimate destination for entertainment and celebrity encounters.

Reflecting on the occasion, Mr. Ravinder Choudhary, Vice President of Vegas Mall, shared his thoughts, stating, “We were thrilled to host the cast of ‘Carry on Jatta 3’ at Vegas Mall. Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa have a tremendous fan following, and witnessing the enthusiasm and support from the audience was truly overwhelming. The energy and performances by Gippy, Sonam, Fazilpuria, Veer Sandhu, and Hashmat Sultana were nothing short of extraordinary. We are proud to provide a platform for our visitors to connect with their favourite stars, further solidifying Vegas Mall as the ultimate entertainment destination.”

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