Vastu Dairy launches Vastu Premium Gold Ghee

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Vastu Premium Gold Ghee Launch Ceremony (1)

Surat:- Shree Radhe Dairy Farm and Foods Ltd (Vastu Dairy), the leading producer of milk and milk products from Surat launched its new product Vastu Premium Gold Ghee on February 19.

The Vastu Premium Gold Ghee, which comes in two varieties (Gold Premium Cow Ghee and Gold Desi Ghee), is made from the finest quality butter and is a result of the company’s belief that we are what we eat.

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Bhupat Sukhadia, founder and chairman of Vastu Dairy said the company is committed to serving quality, health, and trust through its new premium products. “The quality of ghee is dependent on the quality and health of the cattle from which the milk is sourced. Vastu Gold Premium Ghee is made from the milk of cattle that have been lovingly reared and fed natural nutritious fodder. It has been scientifically proven that well-reared, happy cattle produce nutritious milk and this makes Vastu Gold Premium Ghee different from others,” he said. Vastu Dairy’s Premium Ghee comes from the milk of cattle that are provided with a variety of fodder including natural grass, groundnut, chickpea, Binola and others to ensure that the nutrition needs of the cattle including calcium are taken care of. Mr Sukhadia said the product’s USP is not just its source of quality raw material (milk) but the unique pain-staking process involved in manufacturing the ghee.

“Our Premium Ghee manufacturing process involves at least 3.5 hours of slow cooking where the temperature is gradually increased to ensure that the final product has a granular texture and sweet aroma similar to home-made ghee,” said Mr Sukhadia. The company’s entire manufacturing and packaging process of its premium ghee is
handled by a team of experts using state-of-the-art technology. This has ensured Vastu Gold Premium Ghee is free of artificial enhancers and is unadulterated. Vastu Gold Premium Ghee is sealed with a 100% promise of purity, trust & hygiene right from the fodder stage to milking to ghee making and delivery.

Talking about the health benefits of ghee, Mr Sukhadia said the product has multiple health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and is an excellent source of healthy fats. It also boosts the immune system and nourishes the skin and hair. Vastu Gold Premium Ghee beautifully packages all these qualities to deliver our customers a healthy and quality product. With Vastu Premium Ghee, Vastu Dairy is also working towards its aim of being India’s topmost dairy company in the next five years.

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