Urbanic India hosts a gala celebration exclusively with their #Urbanicsquad in New Delhi

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Urbanic India hosts a gala celebration exclusively

India, April 2023: UK-based premium fashion brand hosts a one-of-a-kind celebration in Delhi to celebrate their community, the #Urbanicsquad. The media and influencers experienced ‘Good vibes and positivity’ through the Urbanic summer pool party event. The event was themed at the forefront of Urbanic’s ongoing campaign, ‘#UAre’.

The campaign highlights and encourages the influencers to spread positivity by displaying their creativity through content creation and overcoming unwanted online trolling for creators. Urbanic aims to raise awareness via the slang, ‘Kill’em with kindness’. The hashtag is open-ended to complete for anyone to overcome online hatred; such as #UAre- amazing/courageous/ high-spirited and more.

Urbanic presented the media and influencers with their new spring-summer collection. The collection is tailor-made for a memorable, fun, and comfortable summer, just like a breath of fresh, breezy air. The color selection is a mix of hues of pink and white, ruling the summer season at Urbanic. Summer staples like basic tees and denim are a highlight for the customers.

The event was well embraced by the #Urbanicsquad with over 300+ influencers, with names like Ishani Mitra, Shaily Srivastava, Shubhi Bharal, and more who had a glam time and promoted the campaign behind the event, #UAre. The event was a no-hate zone and allowed inclusivity among influencers, via their campaign.

Rahul Dayama, Head of Marketing at Urbanic India said, “ Urbanic has truly bridged the gap for our customers through trending collections at premium quality in India, it’s a pleasure for me to host a celebration that honors the #Urbanicsquad. The event is a reminder that Urbanic is part of a larger community that celebrates good vibes and positivity, which is the theme and highlight of our event. Creators celebrate Urbanic, while we celebrate them”

Vaishali Srivastava, or popularly known as Srivastav jig, a leading fashion and lifestyle influencer based out of Delhi mentioned, “I love Urbanic and the team so much, they literally throw the best parties. It’s such a fun and intimate event where you get to meet your friends and fellow creators followed by some really nice good food and music. The spring-summer collection this time was so nicely curated I can’t wait to try them on and wear it this season.”

Neeta Basnet, one of the first members of #Urbanicsquad mentioned, “I have been part of the #UrbanicSquad since my early days of content creation. I love the community, as it has supported me throughout my journey and helped me become my best self. I always look forward to our community meet-ups, as it’s always so refreshing to interact with new creators and spend time with them. This summer beach house was fun, I got to meet my friends again and preview the new summer collection, which I am thrilled to add to my wardrobe.”

Urbanic’s summer pool party was indeed a memorable experience for media and influencers and marked the celebration of their tribe, #Urbanicsquad.

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