UnitedSMEs and Synersoft Technologies Collaborate to Empower MSME Owners with on Transforming Ideas into Tangible Results

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13th May, 2023: UnitedSMEs in association with Synersoft Technologies recently hosted a highly informative webinar on Thursday, 11th May 2023, aimed at assisting MSME Owners in transforming their innovative ideas into tangible results. The event focused on introducing MSME Buddy, a senior and highly qualified management professional, who can effectively collaborate with MSME Owners to overcome execution challenges. With its comprehensive agenda, the webinar highlighted the significance of MSME Buddy’s expertise in addressing key areas such as Organization Development, Business Development, and Digital Transformation.

Throughout the webinar, esteemed speakers shed light on the specific challenges faced by MSME owners in running their businesses. The webinar emphasized how MSME Buddy serves as a valuable ally, helping MSME Owners achieve critical objectives and surpass hurdles related to organizational growth and innovation. In the webinar, the speakers delved into the challenges associated with organization structure, role definition, KPI/KRA quantification, soft skill development, and performance appraisal systems. They showcased how MSME Buddy’s guidance can lead to the creation of clear deliverables in these areas. Attendees also learned how MSME Buddy can redefine business development strategies through essential components like basic market research, identification of product-market gaps, target definition, assessment and training for sales teams, and hands-on reporting with insightful Management Information Systems (MIS). The speakers as well explored the critical role of MSME Buddy in facilitating seamless communication and implementation between users and software vendors. They emphasized the importance of selecting and implementing software solutions such as ERP and CRM, accompanied by comprehensive process documentation and effective change management.

Jay Desai, Founder of White Lotus Consultants, expressed his enthusiasm about the webinar, saying, “We are thrilled to have partnered with UnitedSMEs and Synersoft Technologies to bring this impactful webinar to MSME Owners. We understand the immense potential and creative ideas that MSMEs possess, and through MSME Buddy, we aim to bridge the gap between ideas and execution, empowering MSMEs to achieve their business objectives.”

Vishal Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Synersoft Technologies, added, “At Synersoft Technologies, we believe in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This webinar provided an excellent platform to showcase the expertise of MSME Buddy and how they can assist MSME Owners in overcoming challenges and driving growth. We are delighted to have been part of this enlightening event. By introducing MSME Buddy, we aim to equip MSME Owners with a reliable partner who possesses the expertise and qualifications needed to execute their ideas successfully. This webinar served as a valuable resource for MSMEs seeking to overcome execution challenges and drive sustainable growth.”

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