Unicommerce launches UniShip to elevate post-shipment journey for D2C brands & Online Retailers

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Mumbai, 16th December 2023: Unicommerce, one of India’s leading e-commerce enablement SaaS platform, expanded its suite of SaaS solutions with the launch of UniShip, an integrated post-order journey solution with shipment tracking and smart courier partner allocation engine for D2C brands and online retailers.

UniShip seamlessly manages three kinds of post-shipment journey: orders en route to buyers, orders returned by buyers and en route to sellers, and management of orders that could not be delivered.

Being Unicommerce’s first buyer-facing solution, UniShip brings user-friendly integrated tracking features that empower customers to track their orders from shipment to delivery effortlessly, providing complete visibility starting from the moment an order is allocated at a warehouse for shipment.

It also allows brands to proactively share order milestones, such as when the order is packed and ready for dispatch, fostering confidence among consumers. This not only ensures a smooth post-purchase journey but also supports in enhancing customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, delivering a robust experience. It allows sellers to showcase reliable estimated delivery timelines to customers on their websites and apps, based on factors such as buyer pin code, serviceability, SLAs, and pricing.

Additionally, with brands being able to share real time updates with buyers and reduce any communication gap by offering instant responses for any concerns through their customized buyer-facing interface, UniShip supports brands in saving on customer support costs.

A special feature of the solution is the management of orders that cannot be delivered. The Non-Delivery Report (NDR) feature categorizes NDR orders based on issues like incorrect addresses or customer unavailability. It triggers an automatic return process for orders with address issues and for other orders it allows sellers to send customized messages to customers for issue-specific responses. UniShip also enables the customers to initiate returns by selecting a reason for return, uploading images, and enabling the seller’s team to check the images and approve the return process.

Kapil Makhija

Commenting on the launch of UniShip, Kapil Makhija, CEO Unicommerce, said, “While our previous products focused on post-order generation to pre-shipment journey, UniShip marks Unicommerce’s entry into the post-shipment journey. We believe in delving deep into the challenges faced by consumers and sellers and offering solutions that address needs comprehensively.”

Bhupinder Garg, CTO of Unicommerce added, “Unicommerce’s technology is built on a robust product architecture which allows multiple systems to interact flawlessly. With UniShip added to Unicommerce’s product portfolio, a brand can manage every aspect of the post-purchase journey spanning from the moment an order is received till its last-mile delivery. UniShip empowers brands to deliver a consistent customer experience throughout the entire post-purchase journey.”

Currently powering brands like Safari, Hamilton, Flo Mattresses and Miarcus among others, UniShip by Unicommerce is a complete post-shipment journey solution tailored for Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) businesses. The innovative solution is designed to support the accelerating pace of India’s online-first D2C industry.

Key Features of UniShip:


  • Integrated Tracking for Consumers: Consumers receive real-time updates and customized messages at different shipping milestones along with seamless order tracking from shipment to delivery.
  • Personalized Brand Page enables Brands to Save on Customer Support Costs: Sellers get a customizable white-labeled order-tracking page with a user-friendly interface which provides instant answers and updates on any concerns that the buyer may have regarding their order. This helps reduce the communication gap for the buyer, without having to deal with the brand’s customer service. This allows brands to save additional customer support costs.
  • Seamless Integration with Logistics Partners: Integrate with over 90 logistics companies for streamlined order tracking. Centralized dashboard for sellers to track orders across all logistics partners.
  • Non-Delivery Report (NDR) Management: Identify and categorize NDR orders based on issues like incorrect addresses or customer unavailability. Automatic return process for orders with address issues. For other orders, it allows sellers to send customized messages to customers for issue-specific responses.
  • Efficient Return Management: A user-friendly returns page allows customers to select reasons, upload images, and initiate returns. The solution intelligently allocates orders to the return logistics partner and generates AWB numbers.
  • Creating Opportunities for brands to Upsell and Cross-sell: Shoppers can discover more products on the seller’s dedicated page while tracking their existing orders. Moreover, the automated return interface offers the possibility of encouraging customers to consider exchanging for a similar product, along with alternatives such as store credit, reward points, etc., ensuring that the transaction is preserved.

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