Two ATEN Products Wins Red Dot Award 2023 for Eminent Product Design

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BENGALURU, India/Taipei, Taiwan – April 25, 2023, ATEN International, the leading provider of KVM and AV/IT connectivity and management solutions, today announces that its PG98 3-phase eco PDU and KVM OmniBus Gateway series have been awarded the Red Dot Design Award 2023, one of the most prestigious design awards in the world, for their outstanding product design which was lauded by and gained favor with the award’s judges.

ATEN PG98 3-phase eco PDU was conceived with a human-centric, environmentally friendly design and for its energy-efficient performance, forged to optimize sustainability in data centers. The brand-new KVM OmniBus Gateway series, featuring a robust and agile hardware design with an intuitive front panel and modular installation, was designed for expediting digitalization with KVM over IP efficiency in a server room, data center, or production line.

The Red Dot Award, established in 1955, is one of the most respected design competitions in the world. The award recognizes outstanding product design that is eco-friendly, functional, smart, or innovative. About 20,000 products from 51 countries were submitted for the jury’s consideration this year. Receiving the award is a significant achievement for ATEN, which shows ATEN is committed to creating products with aesthetically pleasing, human-centric, and eco-friendly designs.

“ATEN is thrilled to have its innovations recognized by Red Dot, one of the world’s top design award programs,” said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. “ATEN has been focused on creating human-centric products and improving the user experience for many years. We put a lot of effort into forging a product design that is not only functional and innovative but also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.”

Red Dot Design Award 2023 Winner-

Red Dot Design Award 2023 Winner- ATEN PG98 3-Phase eco PDU ATEN PG98 3-Phase eco PDU, featuring an ARM Cortex-A8 processor, is an ideal solution for maintaining superior system uptime in data centers with optimized sustainability. With energy saving in mind, the ATEN PG98 3-Phase eco PDU is purposed to enable lower energy consumption for best practices in network infrastructure, while promoting up to 70.65 kg (131.4 kwh equivalent of power consumption) of reduced CO2 emission, reduced electricity expenses, and lower carbon taxes to pay each year. Its human-centric and environmentally friendly design includes:

  1. Built-in energy-saving relays – Making it easy to control a large amount of current flow
  2. Adjustable power cord – Capable of 90-degree rotation and can be mounted flexibly inside the rack for better cable organization
  3. Rotatable LCD screen – Capable of 180-degree rotation, allowing for flexible in-rack installation
  4. Color panel labels – Allow PDUs to be labeled in different colors to better differentiate between power feed settings for smarter power monitoring

Red Dot Design Award 2023 Winner-

Red Dot Design Award 2023 Winner-ATEN KVM OmniBus Gateway series include the KVM OmniBus Gateway and KVM DigiProcessor, both of which equip IT administrators with secure, real-time, and remote access to all servers anytime and anywhere. All data transmission is truly digital via a single, secure portal and server management can be efficiently centralized with one set of keyboard, mouse, and video monitor. Its eco-efficient power consumption and meticulous airflow design further help save considerably on overall energy costs while increasing cooling capacity to reinforce system uptime for optimum data center sustainability. Its intuitive and innovative design includes:

  1. Intuitive front-panel design – LED indicators display server connection status at a glance; LCD display reveals system information and prompt alerts
  2. Modular installation design – Up to 32 server connections are aggregated via a single portal; KVM DigiProcessor allows server connection via various interfaces
  3. All-around ventilation advances airflow efficiency – Sustains system uptime with optimum reliability reduces energy consumption and lowers electricity costs
  4. Passive heat-sink KVM DigiProcessor – Heat-radiating fins help facilitate better airflow and cooling

The KVM OmniBus Gateway series is scheduled to launch in the third quarter of 2023. More details on this product series will be released soon.

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