Torus Connects announces industry’s first 90:10 revenue model with partners for it’s Neo Wellness platform

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15th July 2023: Torus, the world’s first Neo Wellness Platform rolled out their all India roadshows for roping in business partners and launched ‘Torus Connects’ platform. With a 90:10 revenue model, Torus Connects sets a new benchmark of revenue sharing with partners in the wealth, health and career sector. Torus represents a groundbreaking initiative in the realm of holistic wellness, catering to the needs of millennials and Gen Z by addressing the root causes of anxieties and enabling them to achieve all-round wellness.

The Torus Connects partner platform is built on a new age, robust and scalable technology infrastructure supporting real-time payouts, subscription plans, efficient onboarding and servicing of end customers. Partners can tap the huge potential of Torus platform that offers a host of benefits designed around the needs of millennials and Gen Z. These include:

  •  Wealth Wellness: Torus offers a wealth of investment options, bringing together diverse opportunities in one place, catering to both money-makers and money-savers. Users can access a wide range of money management options, empowering them to achieve financial well-being. It aims to empower users to take control of their finances, enhance their health and well-being, and gain in-demand skills to thrive in their careers. Torus unlocks unlimited possibilities through its innovative 7-in-1 Account, which encompasses Neo banking, retail broking, international equities, crypto, mutual funds, digital gold, and lending products.
  •  Health Wellness: Torus introduces a platform-centric approach to traditional Indian Medical Sciences, providing users with easy access to a larger pool of experts. It also enables practitioners to extend their reach beyond their location, connecting with patients pan India and even globally. Torus supports practitioners with marketing and tech support, fostering collaboration and growth in the healthcare industry.
  •  Career Wellness: Torus provides vocational and upskilling courses aligned with in-demand skills, creating employment opportunities globally. Through collaborations and partnerships, Torus aims to expand access to sought-after programs, assisting aspiring youth in achieving their career goals.

Mr. Sam Ghosh, Founder and Chairman of Cosmea Group the parent company of Torus said, “We are thrilled to introduce Torus, the world’s first Neo Wellness Platform via our Torus Connects initiative. We aim to empower millennials and Gen Z to achieve all-round wellness, while offering our partners unparalleled earning potential via our 90:10 revenue model and support to thrive in the industry. We are committed to revolutionise the traditional banking experience, empower individuals, foster financial well-being, and create a brighter future for all.”

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