The Foodie Bae Sets off on an Epic Culinary Journey to Uncover India’s Hidden Gems

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The Foodie Bae Sets

4th July 2023, Mumbai: The Foodie Bae, widely known as Rishabh Gemini, has emerged as a prominent figure in the world of travel influencing and content creation. Starting his journey as a blogger during the early days of social media after completing his 12th standard, Rishabh’s passion for travel and food has propelled him to great heights. Today, we are excited to announce his upcoming adventure as he sets out to explore the rich culinary treasures of the eastern region of India.

Initially focusing on posting reviews and recommendations for various places, Rishabh quickly gained popularity through his vlogs on YouTube, capturing the attention of a growing audience. As his fan base expanded, Rishabh began integrating collaborations with brands, hotels, and luxury villas into his content, showcasing his creative and innovative approach to storytelling.

Known for his captivating videos, Rishabh’s content resonates deeply with his viewers, particularly his coverage of street food. Through his real-time experiences on Instagram, he discovered the power of the platform to share his adventures and connect with his audience.

In 2021, Rishabh embarked on a 70-day road trip, exploring diverse cuisines and cultures across 10-12 cities outside of Delhi. This journey not only fueled his passion for culinary exploration but also broadened his horizons and deepened his understanding of different regions within India.

Building on his previous successes, Rishabh is now set to undertake an ambitious mission to cover the entire eastern region of India during his upcoming travels in 2023. With an aim to provide a comprehensive culinary exploration of the country, he plans to showcase the unique flavors and traditions that define the eastern region’s cuisine.

Rishabh’s content has captivated millions, with two of his videos going viral. One featured the mesmerizing process of making almond oil in Nashik, while the other highlighted a popular Pav Bhaji stall in Delhi, surpassing a remarkable milestone of 100 million views. Notably, Rishabh manages all aspects of his content creation as a one-man army, skillfully handling shooting, conceptualization, and video editing himself.

Alongside his success, Rishabh has gained profound insights into various cultures and cuisines. Drawing inspiration from renowned chef Ranveer Brar, he aspires to provide his audience with an at-home experience through his content, sharing the joy of culinary exploration with every viewer.

The Foodie Bae, Rishabh Gemini, continues to enthral and inspire his viewers with his extraordinary adventures in the culinary world. Join him on his upcoming journey as he unravels the hidden gems of the eastern region of India and takes his audience on a tantalizing gastronomic experience.

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