The CXO ROUND TABLE CONFERENCE by Codleo brought together industry leaders to learn about improved communication methods

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New Delhi, March 2023|| Codleo, one of the most trusted IT companies in India conducted a CXO Round Table Conference on Thursday, March 16th, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency hotel, New Delhi with the goal of spreading knowledge about the Marketing Cloud & Slack- the collaboration & communication tool of tomorrow.

Cooperation and efficient communication are essential for success in the digital age. As a Salesforce® Summit tier Partner, Codleo took pride in bringing together C-level industry leaders to discover the upgraded communication technologies such as ChatGPT that are altering the way people do business and excel in the future. The conference included detailed presentations on both Marketing Cloud & Slack by subject experts as well as an interactive discussion with various attendees as well as an informative Q&A session. The various attendees spoke on how they are leveraging these tech tools to their advantage, running their businesses, and enhancing ROI.

Mr. RS Maan, Managing Director, and Global CRO, Codleo says “Your company’s success is dependent on business networking, team productivity, and process efficiency, as well as how well you understand your clients and respond fast to their needs. Cooperation and efficient communication are essential for success in the digital age. Sustaining and growing great client connections is critical since it is directly influenced by how you serve them and increase satisfaction. Here is where technology comes into play, as it aids organizations in their processes and strategies for managing interactions with customers, leads, and prospects. So, we sought to spread awareness about technological advancement and how they may use it to their advantage in their enterprises.”

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