Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance organizes an Anti-Fraud & Audit Summit on 9th June, 23 in Mumbai

Mumbai,8th June 2023: Star Union Dai-ichi Life Insurance (SUD Life), a joint venture between two of India’s leading public sector banks, Bank of India and Union Bank of India, and Dai-ichi Life Japan is hosting an Anti-Fraud & Audit Summit on 9th June 2023 in Mumbai to provide their practical insights and guidance to common public on managing and mitigating growing risks in the vulnerable business landscape, through detection, investigation & prevention of frauds, to achieve a corruption-free environment and enhance internal controls in the organization.

The panel members and experts in the areas of internal audit and anti-fraud would share best practices and provide insights on corrective measures that have been taken to reduce fraud and improve the effectiveness and coverage of internal audit. The chief guest at the summit is Mr. Satya Narayan Choudhury, I.P.S-Joint Commissioner of Police (L&O) Mumbai, who would also address the participants on the areas of fraud awareness.

SUD LIFE, is committed to create fraud awareness not only for its own customers but public at large who make digital /online payments and carry out variety of transactions with Banks, Life / General Insurance companies, etc. and need to be well informed and protected.

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