Sound on: Columbia Pacific Communities debuts its sonic identity

Mumbai, March 29, 2023: Columbia Pacific Communities (CPC), India’s largest and most preferred operator of senior living communities, launched its sonic identity on March 27, 2023. Sonic branding is one of the new trends that brands are adopting, which uses music to establish a distinctive brand identity. Similar to a visual identity, the sonic identity includes a MOGO® (musical logo) which is the core element to support the extension of the brand.

With the launch, CPC becomes one of the few brands in the country, and the only senior living brand, with a sonic identity. The purpose of the new musical logo, or MOGO®, is to emotionally engage with its audience and help deepen their connection with the brand, while also producing a powerful sonic identity that the audience can instantly connect with and recall. While Columbia Pacific Communities is part of a global conglomerate, the brand intended to develop a sonic identity that was deeply rooted in India and mirrored emotions and the spirit of the country. The brand launched the sonic identity in collaboration with BrandMusiq, a global sonic branding agency.

Speaking on the occasion, Piali Dasgupta, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities said, “Sound is considered one of the most important senses by scientists, second only to sight. In the age of digital technology, sound and visuals are equally important to a brand’s identity and awareness. The sonic identity of Columbia Pacific Communities makes use of sound technology to elicit the desired persona, characteristics, and sentiments of the brand. Together with BrandMusiq, which is recognised as a pioneer in the industry for designing unique sonic identities, CPC produced a zone of sound that was motivated by our approach to community living with harmony, honesty, and transparency. Our basic values of care, empathy, and compassion, as well as the representation of the brand’s core concept of positive ageing, are the key components that have been incorporated into the sonic identity. The importance of a strong sonic identity in creating a brand that is easily recognisable, memorable, and builds a lasting connect with its consumers, is undeniable ”

Rajeev Raja, founder and sound smith, BrandMusiq, said, “BrandMusiq is thrilled to have created the sonic identity for Columbia Pacific Communities. CPC’s promise of ‘positive ageing’ mirrors BrandMusiq’s emotions of ’empathy and care’ with optimism acting as a balance. We created the MOGO® based on the master sound or MOGOSCAPE®. We combined several Indian ragas and scales to compose the brand’s sonic identity. The tune used is Raag Tilak Kamod in one portion, highlighting the brand’s empathetic and affectionate demeanour, and Raag Desh in another, reflecting Indian values and tradition of caring for the elderly.”

The key touch points for customers and prospects to experience the MOGO® include during on-ground events, video assets and video campaigns, in elevators, on the community app (Genie) for residents as notifications and updates, mobile ringtones of the frontline staff, in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, amongst others.

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