Smytten Pulse launches Brand Track, the next-gen tool for modern marketeers

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Smytten Pulse launches Brand Track, the next-gen tool for modern marketeers14th June 2024: Smytten Pulse, an AI-powered data solutions & consumer research platform, announced the launch of its Brand Track today. The tool will help transform the way marketeers measure and monitor consumer perception, engagement, and the effectiveness of marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and maintain a strong brand recall and market presence.

With Brand Track by Smytten Pulse, marketeers can achieve 2-3X cost efficiency compared to other brand tracking tools. Additionally, the power of audience recruitment now lies in the hands of the marketeer. They can choose audience cohorts based on filters across demographic and psychographic targeting, which will enable them to tailor the research to address business requirements. They can set their tracking period, the recruitment frequency, and also launch a sub-track based on their marketing activations and media spending. The cross-tabulation feature enables instant comparison of data across various demographic cuts, providing insights in real time. Marketeers can now truly experience flexibility like never before.

Swagat Sarangi, Co-Founder, Smytten, emphasises the tool’s potential, stating, “At Smytten Pulse, our mission goes beyond mere data – it’s about fostering genuine connections between brands and their consumers. With a heartfelt dedication to understanding the market’s needs, we’ve crafted a dynamic brand tracking solution that embodies agility at its core. Our aim is to empower marketeers with the tools they need to cultivate meaningful relationships and drive growth, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse tapestry of consumer experiences.”

With over 20 million digital-first consumers and more than 100 million product trial-led insights across 250+ lifestyle categories on Smytten (India’s largest product discovery & trial platform), Brand Track by Smytten Pulse will provide exposure to crucial metrics, including brand awareness and recall (TOM and spontaneous), brand consideration, and usage funnel insights.

The platform also offers customised research templates, enabling marketeers to design consumer surveys for concept testing, product testing, communication testing, usage and attitude studies and more, tailored to their specific business needs. With these comprehensive features, Smytten Pulse empowers brands by simplifying the process of conducting and leveraging consumer research, which enables them to optimize their marketing strategies with ease.

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