Sheru announces home charging and power backup device for electric 2-wheeler OEMs

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Sheru announces home charging a

New Delhi,31st July 2023 Energy solutions company Sheru has announced the launch of EnergyBox, a battery charging dock designed to charge detachable e-2 wheeler batteries. The device is set to provide convenience to electric 2-wheeler users in charging batteries safely at home, as well as in providing power backup for homes.

With a number of EV players providing the option of removing the battery from the EV and charging it at home, the need for a device that provides safety and security in this process becomes necessary. Ebox (EnergyBox) is designed to ensure that users can place the battery in the box and not worry about the charging process.The device is also equipped with the technology to send power back to the home and power appliances, something that Sheru has previously demonstrated at grid scale as well. With time-of-day (ToD) tariffs being rolled out across India, Ebox would help users reduce their electricity bills by powering their homes during higher tariff hours.

“India’s EV journey is markedly different from that of other countries and we need to have tailored solutions to enable this. Our previous technologies such as combining V2G with battery swapping was one such innovation which is being implemented with power utilities. Ebox brings that technology to individual users to safely charge their EV batteries as well as use it to power their homes” said Ankit Mittal, CEO, Sheru.

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