Shemaroo MarathiBana drops the promo of its upcoming show ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ featuring Pradeep Ghule and Tanvee Kiran

Shemaroo MarathiBana

Shemaroo MarathiBana is set to introduce a unique show titled ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar’ which will be airing on the channel from 30th October at 9 pm. The promo of the show features Pradeep Ghule and Tanvee Kiran getting married in the traffic police uniform. The distinctive title of the show has already piqued the curiosity of viewers.

From the promo, the plot of this upcoming show looks as interesting as its name. In a world where relationships often weather the storm of societal norms and judgment, the bond between Pratap and Manasi serves as a ray of hope. Pratap, portrayed by the talented Pradeep Ghule, holds immense respect for his wife, Manasi, brought to life by the captivating Tanvee Kiran. He proudly recognizes Manasi as the guiding force in their relationship.

Love, as they say, is about standing together when the world conspires to tear you apart, and ‘Sau. Pratap Manasi Supekar beautifully encapsulates this sentiment. As they navigate life’s journey together, their story is bound to tug at your heartstrings, proving that unconditional love and respect can overcome any obstacle and conquer every challenge.

The show is created by the renowned name in the Marathi industry, Viren Pradhan and produced under the banner of Piccolo films.

Stay tuned to find out the story behind this intriguing title and witness the remarkable journey of Pratap and Manasi, gracing your screens from 30th October at 9pm only on Shemaroo MarathiBana.

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