She is the driving force for Sanjay”, Anjali Barot on her character in Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel

She is the driving

Mumbai, 5th February 2024 – Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its entrepreneurial drama, Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel. The series traces the inspirational story of Sanjay, as he enters the elite corridors of IIE Bombay and embarks on a start-up hustle. Set in the backdrop of 2010 in Mumbai’s start-up boom, the narrative dives deeper into the struggles, challenges, and identity crisis faced by Sanjay, as he makes his name in the world of start-ups. Anjali Barot who essays the role of Vanshika in the series spoke about her character and her plans in terms of being an entrepreneur.

Shedding light on her character, Anjali Barot shared, “Sanjay’s senior at college, Vanshika, exudes strength and confidence. She is a role model for everyone. She also leads a very organized and straightforward life. Vanshika notices something unique about Sanjay right away, and she continues to bring it up throughout the show. Vanshika believes that there is potential in him because of his persistent “I can do it” attitude, his wonderfully demonstrated connection to the the universe, the way Sanjay writes down his goals, and Vanshika’s believes that he will succeed. She is the driving force for Sanjay!”

Talking about plans when it comes to being an entrepreneur, she expressed how she is solely focused on her acting career. “I believe that being an actor is similar to being an entrepreneur. So, for me, this is the only plan, and there is no Plan B right now. Getting better in this while developing my talents, and updating myself in this sector is my main focus.” she shared.

Produced by Rainshine Entertainment and starring Vishal Vashishtha, Samir Kochhar, Maharshi Dave, Anjali Barot, and Anurag Arora in pivotal roles, Hustlers – Jugaad Ka Khel is streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free, available on Amazon’s shopping app, Fire TV, and Play Store.

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