Second Edition of Telangana Tea Championship 2023

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Second Edition of

Hyderabad April 012023: The quintessential Tea can do wonders. The Man who sold tea become the Prime Minister of the largest democracy in the world and Tea fuels the minds of the Indian techies that have made their mark in the international arena.

Celebrating the wonderful beverage Tea, Hybiz TV has launched and organized one- of-its-kind wonderful program. Tea Championship in 2022. It has now come up with the Second edition held at HICC, Novotel, Hyderabad. The second edition is supported and approved by Tea Board India & Ministry of Tourism Government of

The Second edition of the Tea Championship held at HICC Novotel has taken the competition to the next level with the Union Ministry of Tourism and the Tea Board India throwing their weight behind the competition, among others. There was a heavy rush for nominations and there was no entry fee, giving a chance to every
the woman who is happy to make a cup of chai.

A team of highly respected and experienced professionals from the Hospitality community has selected the list of awardees. The jury’s decision was final as always.

In all more than 200 women participated in the event. Ms. Prabha won the first prize of Rs 1 lakh. Ms. Potluri Madhavi won the second prize of Rs 50,000 and Seetamraju Naga Kamala won the third prize of Rs 25,000. Five women won consolation prizes of Rs 10,000 each.

“Our day begins with Tea and there is no doubt that Tea helps in finding solutions to many of our societal problems,” Union Minister for Tourism G Kishan Reddy who was the Chief Guest of the evening noted. He congratulated management for bringing all the talented women onto one platform. He reminded everyone about the power of tea by saying: “The man who sold Chai has become the Prime Minister of the Country”

Shri Falguni Banerjee, Deputy Director of Tea Development, Tea Board India, Darvesh Anees Ahmed, Managing Partner, The Nilgiri Tea Emporium (Lasa Lamsa Tea) M Rajgopal, Managing Director Hybiz. tv, and Mrs. Sandhya Rani, CEO of Hybiz. tv were among other participants.

Wonders of Tea

Tea in India is entrenched in the culture. A typical day begins with a cup of masala chai at home, followed by additional cups throughout the day. Tea, once enjoyed as a simple, warm drink and known for its health benefits, has now evolved into a big industry. We Indians may be divided by different regions or languages etc. but we are all united at heart by our endless love for TEA. Savoring tea is one act that binds us Indians from top to bottom and North to South or East to West.

One can say PM to Peon, everyone in this country loves his/her TEA. From an overall population perspective, around 64% of Indians drink tea regularly. Tea is not just a drink for us Indians, it is a matter of pride, an emblem of our tradition and culture, and art or skill to showcase. We are all aware of the fact that there are many variations of tea leaves and their flavors, the city of Nizams – Hyderabad also offers different varieties of flavors some tea or CHAI.

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