SAMCO Launches MyDEX Technology that Empower Investors to Make Augmented Investment Decisions

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Bangalore, 4 April 2023: A ground-breaking initiative for the Indian capital markets investors and traders. A first-of-its-kind offering in India, investors and traders have been empowered to measure their stock market performance through their Personal Index (PI). This has been made possible by SAMCO Securities, one of the leading Invest-Tech companies in India, who announced the launch of its next-gen Capital Resource Planning (CRP) trading platform on the web and app, backed by my proprietary MyDex Technology. PI is one of the innovative features of SAMCO’s CRP Platform which is embedded with trading and will empower Indian investors and traders to enhance their investment performance and beat the market benchmark returns.

Through Personal Index, it is actually for the first time, retail investors will have their Time Weighted Rate of Return (TWRR) at their fingertips. TWRR is the most widely accepted method of calculating the personal rate of return by Fund Managers, institutional investors and even Regulators. Until now, TWRR was a complex and time-consuming process that was only available to institutional investors such as Mutual Funds (MFs) and Portfolio Management Schemes (PMS) providers. These institutional investors also outsource this computation to multiple agencies like Custodian, RTA, and Fund Accountant. With the availability of the Personal Index now, retail investors will be able to measure their performance with ease and accuracy for the first time, and that too for FREE to all the investors on SAMCO’s CRP Platform.

Since the launch of the Personal Index, over 68,000 people have already taken to the ACE-OUTSOURCE-INDEX pledge and have started tracking their performance through the Personal Index. This is a testament to the power and acceptance of this revolutionary new feature.

Commenting on the launch of CRP Platform, Mr Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO, SAMCO said, “Even though retail individual investors are their own money managers, their stock market performance measurement is fairly poor. With an intent to overcome this problem, we are thrilled to launch our next-gen CRP Platform on web & app, to empower stock market participants to achieve their best financial performance.”

Another India-first feature of the SAMCO CRP Platform is that investors can directly compare their Personal Index returns with leading mutual fund managers, empowering them to make informed decisions. In addition, in case of consistent underperformance, they can invest with outperforming fund managers in one click. This enables investors to easily compare their returns with the mutual fund managers and align their investments with the best-performing funds.

The SAMCO CRP Platform also has yet another India-First feature of smart recommendation that prompts investors and traders to invest in Index Funds or Index ETFs in case of consistent underperformance. Through this and the comparison with the mutual fund manager feature, SAMCO is trying to ensure that the CRP in this Phase itself is equipped to help customers honor the ACE-OUTSOURCE-INDEX pledge.

Phase one of the CRP launch is focused on the ‘Measure’ aspect of the platform through the Personal Index which will be your real rate of return from the stock market. It will be calculated based on your aggregate portfolio, including stock holdings, MF holdings, and derivative positions. Unlike traditional benchmark indices, Personal Index will be unique to each individual, providing him/her with a comprehensive view of their performance and enabling them to track their progress in real-time.

A notable point is that the Personal Index will be updated every minute, unlike MFs and PMSs, which get this information calculated at the end of the day. Personal Index also acts as a verified and audited performance report of every retail investor, building trust, transparency, and accurate decision-making.

In addition to providing investors with a comprehensive view of their performance, Personal Index also allows them to compare their returns with leading market indices, enabling them to benchmark their performance against the wider market. This is an essential feature that enables seamless comparison of returns as the goal of active traders should be to outperform the market and generate higher returns.

The primary goal of the CRP is to help investors and traders Measure, Analyze, and Improve their stock market performance so that they can outperform the index. The platform is being developed with a focus to provide investors with the tools that will enable them to measure and track their performance, analyze and understand their trading and investing behavior, and provide insights and recommendations so that they can improve their performance. With the launch of CRP, SAMCO Securities aims to do for trading and investing businesses what ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning)

have done for traditional business transformations.

It may be recalled that last week, SAMCO launched ‘Mission: Ace The Index’ and urged the market participants to take the pledge to prioritize their investment performance. SAMCO urged the investors to outperform the relevant benchmark indices by researching and analyzing investment opportunities, managing portfolios actively and adapting strategies according to evolving market conditions.

In case, if one is unable or unwilling to manage his/her portfolio actively, then one will pledge to outsource his/her funds to a professional fund manager, who has a proven track record of delivering superior market returns, or invest in index ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) that tracks the relevant benchmarks to ensure that one is aligned with overall market performance and benefits from its growth.

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