Red Vasant Vihar Unveils a Mesmerizing Open-Fire Grilling Experience

Red Vasant Vihar

New Delhi,28th December 2023 – Red Vasant Vihar, a beacon of culinary innovation, proudly introduces its newest menu, a culinary ode to the ancient art of open-fire grilling. In this gastronomic journey, Red invites patrons to experience the enchanting dance of flames that brings forth a symphony of flavours, paying homage to time-honoured traditions.

Guests will embark on a culinary adventure where the flames take centre stage, as Red Vasant Vihar embraces the art of grilling. Inspired by ancient techniques such as smoking and charring, the grills operate at intense temperatures, skillfully adjustable to honour tradition while infusing each dish with the distinctive touch of blaze. This culinary philosophy breathes vitality into the time-honoured customs, transforming humble ingredients into gourmet delights.

Complemented by seasonal produce and artisanal associations, Red’s culinary expedition through the launch of their new menu will include delicacies like Heirloom Tomatoes, Palm Heart, Beetroot and many more. This new menu captures the essence of Red Vasant Vihar’s commitment to epicurean excellence, offering a sensory experience that marries tradition and innovation. Furthermore, Red Vasant Vihar respects Mother Nature, preserving the core flavours of ingredients while adapting to modern gastronomy to enhance the dining experience.

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