Quote on World EV Day 2023 by Khalid Wani, Senior Director – Sales, India, Western Digital

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Khalid Wani,

Basis this, please find below a quote from Khalid Wani, Senior Director – Sales, India, Western Digital at Western Digital. In the quotes, he discusses the importance of data in the EV Ecosystem.

Quote: On World EV Day 2023, we proudly stand alongside the global community in propelling the shift toward a sustainable electric future. The Indian Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is experiencing remarkable growth, driven by its eco-friendly appeal and government regulations targeting emissions reductions by 2030. Electric vehicles have evolved into feature-rich, battery-powered marvels, equipped with cutting-edge technologies and software capabilities, from navigation to infotainment and advanced safety diagnostics. In essence, today’s EVs have the potential to incorporate functionalities akin to autonomous vehicles (AVs). Consequently, as the EV industry flourishes, data storage innovation must evolve in tandem with the sector’s escalating data requirements.

Presently, India holds the position of the fifth-largest global automotive market, encompassing both Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) and electric vehicles, with projections indicating a rise to the third-largest market by 2030. This underscores the growing significance of data and data storage, especially with the proliferation of connected and electric cars. To continue serving the evolving needs of the automotive industry, the storage sector must remain dedicated to innovation and advancement, ensuring it meets the surging demand for data-driven solutions.

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