PropVR partners with Unreal Engine to develop Digital Twin and Interactive 3D solutions for the real estate industry

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PropVR partners with Unreal Engine

New Delhi, 11th July, 2023: PropVR, the 3D visualization arm of Square Yards has been named as an authorized partner for Unreal Engine, the world’s most advanced real-time 3D tool developed by Epic Games, to develop Digital Twin and Interactive 3D solutions for the real estate industry. This partnership unveils a new era of immersive digital experiences for global real estate brands to help shape the future of home building and real estate sales.

As an authorized service partner, PropVR is working with Unreal Engine experts to deepen its understanding on interactive 3D technologies and further its digital twin roadmap to build solutions for the largest global developers. Leveraging Unreal Engine’s capabilities, PropVR is building high-fidelity 3D environments to transform how consumers interact and transact for their real estate needs and disrupt the way the real estate ecosystem operates.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Unreal Engine team to create the next generation of 3D solutions and digital twins for the real estate industry. Unreal Engine’s graphical prowess is unmatched and will help us augment the future of real estate search and discovery experience through high-end 3D digital twins of entire cities. With Unreal Engine, we can accelerate our vision to build real estate in the metaverse and at the same time understand the appetite for virtual real estate experience amongst customers and make them more accessible and inclusive,” said Vivek Agarwal, Co-founder and CTO, Square Yards.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be recognized as an authorized partner for Unreal Engine. The combination of Unreal Engine’s creative power, flexibility and rendering quality, and PropVR’s patent-backed real estate visualization and 3D applications creates the perfect harmony for achieving deeper, richer VR and 3D innovations, and lay the foundations for the future of real estate on the Metaverse. PropVR has always focused on innovation and quality, and to join the ranks of Unreal Engine is a natural step in that direction,” said Sunder Jagannathan, Co-founder, PropVR.

PropVR has been a frontrunner in driving digital transformation of the built world and to-be built world through immersive 3D technology. The company is working with Unreal Engine to co-create city digital twins, immersive real estate architectural visualization and other tech products for interior décor. It has launched a 3D Metaverse platform in Dubai last year that showcases the future of real estate search and discovery through a high-end digital twin of the city. The platform allows users to search from over 2000+ potential real estate projects across Dubai through its interactive 3D interface, get complete details of the project, and enter into the project metaverse as an Avatar. Besides Dubai, the company’s current portfolio includes Grade A developers from Canada, Saudi Arabia and India.

As part of this partnership, PropVR and the Unreal Engine team will orchestrate roadshows and events, shining a spotlight on the cutting-edge trends in 3D visualization and digital twins. The much-anticipated event is set to take place in Bangalore on the 9th of August, which will host leading real estate developers, technology corporations, and budding proptech startups.

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