Pre Budget Quote from Mr.Prateek N Kumar,Founder and CEO – NeoNiche Integrated Solutions ltd

Mr.Prateek N Kumar

As a business leader eagerly anticipating the Indian Finance Budget 2024, my expectations extend to key reforms that encompass the agricultural sector. I anticipate measures aimed at revitalizing the agrarian economy, with a focus on sustainable practices, technological innovation, and improved infrastructure for rural areas. The inclusion of comprehensive policies for the agricultural sector will not only uplift farmers but also contribute significantly to overall economic growth.

I hope to see initiatives that address the challenges faced by farmers, including access to credit, modern farming techniques, and market linkages. Implementing sustainable agricultural practices aligns with global trends and positions India as a responsible player in the global market.

Moreover, investments in rural healthcare and education are pivotal for creating a robust and skilled agricultural workforce. Streamlining regulatory processes in the agricultural domain, coupled with initiatives to enhance the ease of doing agribusiness, will foster entrepreneurship and job creation in rural areas. A well-rounded budget, encompassing agriculture, will lay the foundation for a resilient, inclusive, and vibrant business ecosystem in India.

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