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Kaushal Sampat, Founder of Rubix Data Sciences

Kaushal Sampat

“In the midst of an election year, India’s interim budget for 2024 has defied fears of fiscal recklessness, maintaining a commendable level of prudence. Despite the political climate, the government has opted for a lower borrowing number for the next year, signalling a commitment to fiscal responsibility. This budget stands out for its focus on infrastructure, capital expenditure, and fostering entrepreneurship—a clear continuation of a decade-long trajectory of GDP, to borrow the Finance Minister’s acronym for “Governance, Development, and Performance.
If India is to reach the ambitious target of $7 trillion GDP by 2030, it is important to focus on infrastructure development, energy security, skill development and emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. The budget touches on all these aspects. Capex outlay has increased by 11.1%, there have been announcements on solar energy and electric vehicle infrastructure, and skill development is also being given importance.
The allocation of a significant 1 lakh crore for a 50-year loan dedicated to innovation, research, and development underlines the government’s recognition of the pivotal role these elements play in India’s journey to becoming a developed economy.
The budget speech not only highlighted government achievements but also provided a roadmap for the future, emphasizing macroeconomic stability, robust investments, and a thriving economy. With a fiscal deficit estimate below budgeted levels, a clear focus on reducing it further in the coming years, and targeted support for farmers, job creation, and infrastructure, India’s interim budget for 2024 lays the foundation for sustained growth and development”.

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