Posspole Hosts the Global Shift Expedition Program in Bangalore

Bangalore, India -6th December 2023 Posspole, a dynamic 360-degree ecosystem for Hi-Tech products, market access and manufacturing, facilitated a momentous event in Bangalore in partnership with Spicy Rocket on November 30th and December 1st. Over 15 Moscow-based entrepreneurs attended the event, providing a special forum for partnership with Indian business owners and industry experts along with delegates from The Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, the leading private business school in Russia and the CIS.

The primary focus of the event was to provide access to the Indian markets to spark creative partnerships between entrepreneurs from both nations and to build access to the growing Indian markets. By leveraging boundless opportunities to grow business as well as manufacturing capabilities, and preparing for evolving market demands to drive innovation, the event aims to bring sharp focus on business partnerships with foreign entrepreneurs to localize, manufacture, and expand their businesses in the Indian sector by utilizing the country’s growing business potential

Posspole is focused on creating an ecosystem for International manufacturing and technology enterprises and their Indian counterparts, promoting international cooperation. The diverse community fosters collaborations, accelerate product development, and establishes itself as a leader in global technological advancements, solutions, and economic growth. Few of the companies that presented their ideas are Helix, Geltek, and EVA Productions.

Kiran Rudrappa, CEO & Co-Founder emphasized, “Posspole is committed to build neutral ecosystem for entrepreneurs from across globe to collaborate and innovate together to build products and solutions from India addressing real life challenges”

Nikolay Verkhovsky, Academic Director of Skolkovo Global Shift and Digital Shift educational Programs for entrepreneurs, states, “Posspole’s vision resonates with the global shifts in digital transformation. Together, we can build bridges that transcend geographical boundaries and redefine industry landscapes.”

Daria Goryakina, Founder and CEO of HELIX Group, remarked, “The synergy between HELIX and Posspole reflects a shared vision of innovation and transformative solutions. We look forward to leveraging this collaboration for mutual growth and impact.”

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