Popular Music Composer Sneha Khanwalkar has Her Fans Wondering What’s ‘Cooking’ in Her Studio

Sneha Khanwalkar

Popular music composer Sneha Khanwalkar’s latest project has left fans ‘hungry’ for more, quite literally! The artist known for delivering popular hits with ‘Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ was seen grooving with her guitar at a meet up with her friends. While Sneha was posing with her guitar, a little birdie tells us she was looking for some inspiration to weave a tune. Waiting for inspiration to strike, her friends are relishing delicacies like kebabs, chicken wings and more. And surprise surprise, the sounds of them indulging in juicy, tasty chicken dishes seem to get Sneha’s creative juices flowing. Their ‘MMMMMs’ as they bite into chicken wings seem to power Sneha as she begins to strum away.

So what’s cooking really in Sneha’a studio? Is it an ode to her fav foods? Could it be that her next project is #ForTheLoveOfMeat? Does she have yet another de-Licious secret melody brewing? Well, she surely has us on edge. With her knack for creative experimental music, you can trust Sneha to infuse lip smacking delicacies with foot tapping beats.

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