Pidilite’s online B2B platform Genie crosses 1000+ crore in sales

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New Delhi, May 12th, 2023 : Pidilite Industries, a leading manufacturer of construction and specialty chemicals, announced today that its online B2B dealer application, Genie, has achieved a significant milestone of over 1000+ crore in sales for FY22-23. With its impressive growth rate, Pidilite Genie has contributed to 14% of Pidilite’s overall business in FY23.

Says Sudhanshu Vats, Deputy MD, Pidilite Industries, ” At Pidilite, our top priority is to empower and support our dealers in achieving their business goals. That’s why we launched Pidilite Genie, an initiative aimed at helping retailers take a digital leap. We are proud to share that Pidilite Genie has made considerable progress in a short period of time. Pidilite Genie has been installed by nearly 5 lakh dealers and has facilitated over 18 lakh orders since its launch. We are continuously enhancing the platform to cater to the evolving needs of our dealers, and we are confident that Pidilite Genie has the potential to become the go-to platform for all the order placements in the near future.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, Pidilite Genie serves as a one-stop online platform for dealers to order any product across Pidilite’s product range with just a few clicks. The app’s intelligent technology streamlines the ordering process, making it easier to reorder basis previous purchases and recommend deals based on the dealer’s buying pattern. Dealers can also view current schemes, track loyalty performance, and redeem scheme rewards against future purchases.

Looking ahead, Pidilite Genie plans to expand its user base manifold by launching it in international markets and extending Pidilite’s entire product portfolio and services to enable dealers to realize their full business potential. Pidilite Genie will also add exciting new features such as a multilingual interface, customized in-app interactions, voice-to-text functionality, visibility of order journey, helping dealers track and plan their performance proactively.

As Pidilite Genie continues to evolve and improve, it aims to become a 24x7x365 digital assistant for dealers, striving to make Genie the primary mode for order placement. With the new roadmap in place, Pidilite Genie is well-positioned to continue its growth in the future.

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