“Pendown Press Books Take Flight with Author Corner’s Launch

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World Book Fair is a platform for various book launches, author discussions, and literary events. As World Book Fair is on full swing at Pragati Maidan, the series of book launching events are on its way. Among the most talked-about book releases today, there was book release of Pendown Press’ books Driving Digital Transformation by Raktim Singh, Bhuwan Pant’s Don’t Delay Act to Play, Ajay Adlaka’s Why Nobody Cares for Your Brand, Dr. Taara Malhotra’s MIndful Miracles and Sanjay Narwal’s books, namely Rich Practitioner Kaise banein and Pashupalak Apni Amdanee kaise badhayein.

Among these books, Raktim Singh’s book is in both Hindi and English which is written on the topic of Digital Transformation, whereas Sanjay Narwal’s both books are in Hindi language which are written for the purpose of making the readers aware, especially the farmers of this country, about the importance of cattle wealth and how to nurture and preserve this wealth.
The author corner of Pragati Maidan was jam-packed just before and during the release of these books.

As the guests took their seats, the host of the event welcomed everyone and introduced the authors of these books in concise but effective way. Firstly, the founder and CMD of Pendown Press Dinesh Verma was called upon the stage and were asked to address the audience. Amid the thunderous clapping, Mr Verma Greeted the Gathered with his quintessential smile and said,

” Releasing books through the prestigious place of Author Corner in Pragati Maidan is indeed a proud moment for us. The Pendown Press authors have made all these possible. All the books being launched today carry great values and significance for the readers and this is what the aim of Pendown Press is.”

Soon after that the authors read a brief excerpt of their books to give the audience a taste of the books being launched.
Following the author’s presentation, Q&A session began. After the Q&A, there was book signing event. Readers met the author, and took his signed book. The entire book launching ceremony was quite electrifying and engaging.

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