Outbound travel increases and leads to self-drive as preferred mode of travel for Indians: Avis India

New Delhi, 13th July 2023: Leading transportation solutions provider Avis India revealed that Indians traveling abroad have shown an increasing preference for renting self-drive cars in recent times.

Avis has outlined the global travel preferences of Indian consumers by identifying key trends pertaining to international self-drive bookings in 2022 and 2023.

Indians have increasingly become eager to set off to foreign lands, with an estimated 20 million Indians planning a trip abroad annually. Intriguing insights into the preferences of Indian travelers was revealed by Avis India’s Self-Drive International Booking Trends of 2023, which highlights that the U.S. was the most traversed international self-drive destination for Indians, with a 31% share, followed by U.K., France, South Africa, Italy and Portugal.

Aman Naagar, Managing Director, Avis India said, “International travelers from India have been quick to take to the popular concept of renting self-drive cars, made evident by our annual Self-Drive International Booking Trends. The privilege of having your own car empowers renters to discover new destinations which carries a powerful appeal for individuals. At Avis India, we turn to these insights to enhance customer experiences across the globe, providing our customers with exceptional services and a modern, reliable fleet.”

We have a presence across 180 countries, Avis India offers the exclusive choice and ease of booking a car on rent in different locations right from India before travelers set out on their journeys.

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