OPPO’s latest smartphone offerings elevate World Photography Day

World Photography Day is a poignant reminder of photography’s journey, evolving from a profession to a medium of personal expression. It’s a day honouring the art of capturing moments and emotions powered by technological prowess. In the current era, smartphones have assumed the role of all-in-one tools for communication and creativity, with a strong emphasis on photography and content creation.

As we commemorate this day, we recognize technology’s pivotal role. And what better way to celebrate it than by embracing the capabilities of the right smartphone? Among the pioneers in this domain is OPPO. The recently launched Find N2 Flip and Reno10 Pro+ 5G stand as a testament to OPPO’s legacy in pushing the boundaries of smartphone photography. These cutting-edge offerings demonstrate OPPO’s commitment to providing users with proprietary camera advancements that enable them to effortlessly capture professional-quality photos and videos, ushering in a new era of visual storytelling.

OPPO’s latest smartphone

The OPPO Find N2 Flip is a fusion of flagship cameras and a flip-style design. Its 50MP Sony IMX890 main sensor captures dynamic, detailed photos with omnidirectional focusing, rendering subjects sharp while blurring backgrounds softly for dynamic, detailed images. For 4K videography, the hardware-level DOL-HDR captures short and long exposures. OPPO has worked closely with Hasselblad to integrate the Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution, ground up, into the camera system. The unique colour-processing system kicks into action when you press the shutter button to optimise colour accuracy, tone, and contrast to deliver consistent and accurate results. The Partnership with Hasselblad runs deep with its XPAN mode, which features a 65:24 high aspect ratio to capture the camera brand’s unique retro style. Furthermore, the Find N2 Flip recreates the Hasselblad shooting experience with a custom UI, shutter sound, and watermark. Users can refine photographs with three additional filters—Emerald, Radiance and Serenity—designed by professional Hasselblad ambassadors.

It also features an 8MP ultra-wide Sony IMX355 rear snapper with an expansive field of view and packs the 32MP Sony IMX709 front shooter that is perfect for photos and videos. Moreover, OPPO Find N2 Flip is engineered to accurately render Indian skin tones and recreate bokeh flair in portrait videos. The OPPO Find N2 Flip is available for purchase at INR 89,999 from Flipkart, OPPO Stores, and mainline retail outlets.

OPPO’s latest smartphone1

The Reno10 Pro+ 5G is where innovation meets aesthetics; its camera module combines glass and aluminium in a two-tone design. The periscope design creates a 3x optical zoom telephoto setup that delivers beautifully proportioned portraits with a soft bokeh background. It even compresses distant elements in a scene—like monuments, buildings, and mountains—to bring them closer to your portrait subject for more dramatic snapshots. Capture Portraits from a distance—just like you would with a DSLR—for more natural facial proportions, devoid of any mild fish-eye distortion that you would get from smartphone cameras that force you to shoot from closer. At 64MP, this telephoto portrait camera is the highest megapixel telephoto portrait camera in the industry—backed by a 1/2-inch image sensor—that lets you snap portraits with up to 3x telephoto with OIS; you also get 120x hybrid zoom. The closest focus distance of this camera is 25cm. The device also features a 50MP IMX890 main camera, 8MP IMX355 ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 32MP IMX709 front camera for superior selfie quality.

To further enhance image processing, it packs the Ultra-Clear Imaging Processing Engine—powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 platform—for ultra-clear photos where every detail is preserved with remarkable precision. The Reno 10 Pro+ also has camera algorithms that kick in for 4K videos to fuse two frames of long- and short-exposure image information in real-time to widen the original dynamic range four times. It also utilises an AI Depth algorithm that has undergone extensive training with millions of images which calculates the distance between objects and characters in the background to create a precise depth map for beautiful bokeh. The Reno10 Pro+ is priced at INR 54,999 and available for purchase from Flipkart, OPPO store and mainline retail outlets.

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