Oasis Fertility, Ongole celebrates 1st year Anniversary and conducts Mass Baby Shower to felicitate couples who conceived through IVF

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(Ongole, March 9th, 2023: Infertility is on a steady rise in India due to various factors like delayed parenthood, smoking, consumption of junk foods, lack of exercise, PCOS, alcohol consumption, pollution, etc. Though more than 27 million face infertility issues in India only 3% of them consult a fertility specialist. The social taboo around infertility and lack of awareness of advanced fertility treatments prevent couples from taking up the right fertility treatments to overcome infertility and attain parenthood. Therefore, spreading the good news about personalized tech-based advanced fertility treatments is the need of the hour.

Oasis Fertility, Ongole one of the trusted fertility chains of clinics in Andhra Pradesh celebrated its 1st year Anniversary and also conducted a mass baby shower to felicitate couples conceived through IVF. Ongole Mayor, Mrs. Gangada Sujatha graced the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Ongole Mayor, Mrs. Gangada Sujatha said, “I wish to convey my best wishes to all those who conceived through IVF. Advanced treatment options are available to overcome infertility and it is important for women to break the barriers of infertility by taking the right step. Every married couple desire to have children, but due to various reasons if they are unable to bear children, the couple undergoes immense trauma. In India among every ten couples at least three are childless. The evolving technology and techniques in the field of infertility care are aiding such couples to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. Oasis Fertility center in Ongole has been helping such parents to conceive.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Deepika Boppana, Clinical Head and Fertility Specialist, Oasis Fertility, Ongole stated, “I am very happy on the occasion of our 1st year Anniversary and congratulate all the Mothers to be. We at Oasis Fertility provide a wide array of fertility treatments to both men and women helping them to achieve their parenthood dream. Though several million IVF babies have been born worldwide, the fears and inhibitions about infertility remain. With highly personalized fertility treatments and a holistic approach, we have been helping couples achieve parenthood. Fertility reduces with age; therefore, couples should consult a fertility specialist if they are not able to conceive even after trying for a year.”

Dr Swarajya Lakshmi, Associate Professor of Gynecology, RIMS; said, infertility treatment is a boon for the people of Ongole and a ray of hope for childless couples.

Thadikrishna Latha, Gaddallaguda Councillor; said, the current generation of couples due to stress and lifestyle issues are facing infertility problems. Earlier people had to go to different places to get this treated, but now they can go to Oasis Fertility here in Ongole to get appropriate and latest treatment. Several happy couples who benefitted from this treatment are present here, today.

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