mXmoto set to take off Indian EV riders on cloud 9, launches high-speed MX9 e-bikes


Braced up with advanced technologies, innovative features, and groovy looks, mXmoto is all set to conquer Indian bikers’ hearts with their maiden launch, MX9 e-bikes. With its powerful entry into the Indian EV market, mXmoto intends to revamp the evolving clean mobility ecosystem in the country. The next-generation electric bike is designed in Europe by a renowned automobile designer, who is credited with blueprinting some of the most fascinating motorbikes in the world. While conceptualizing MX9, he prioritises the safety aspects apart from giving equal emphasis on performance and intelligence.

“In recent years, the country has witnessed a fast-paced transition towards clean mobility by replacing ICE-powered vehicles with advanced EVs. To join the green transformation we will soon be launching one of the most advanced and powerful electric bikes in the country. mXmoto’s primary focus is to ensure the safety of the riders while adding value to their riding experience with high-performance, comfortable and stylish EVs. I am optimistic that our new and advanced MX9 will meet Indian bikers’ expectations to a tee. Indeed, MX9 is going to be a favourite pick for the riders who are seeking a safe and green ride in style,” said Rajendra Malhotra, Managing Director of mXmoto.

MX9 of mXmoto is powered with 17-inch large wheels to ensure high performance, unleashing power, quickness and efficiency. The high-performance motor of MX9 delivers impressive output with swift acceleration, powered by the robust torque of the C35 magnet separations. With enhanced climbing angle, the advanced bikes are the perfect blend of energy-saving features with high efficiency, redefining the standards of performance. Besides, MX9 is designed to ensure the safety of the riders by providing advanced features, rigorous testing, and relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

Furthermore, MX9 is equipped with LifePO4 Battery Technology, the Epitome of Safety. LifePO4 batteries boast the highest level of safety in battery technology, enabling them to store a remarkable amount of energy in proportion to their size and weight. This advancement empowers electric bikes with extended range and prolonged riding times, rendering them highly practical for daily commuting and longer journeys.

MX9 is a testament to mXmoto’s ideology to converge innovation and technology to redefine high-performance bikes. mXmoto has a distinct vision for intelligence and how it can boost performance to make the bikes stand out in the exhilarating world of two-wheelers. MX9 is equipped with intelligent features like a TFT screen, which offers on-board navigation, during the ride calling, and a Bluetooth sound system. mXmoto is all set to launch its MX9 electric bikes in the market at an attractive price range.

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