MX Player’s International Slate Promises an Unforgettable September 2023

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MX Player's

This September, MX Player brings you an exciting mix of stories with a blend of drama, action, romance, and fantasy that will transport you to a new world of emotions. From gripping dramas to thrilling action and enchanting fantasies – let MX Player’s VDesi slate immerse you in a cinematic experience like none other, all from the comfort of your home.

6th September 2023 – The Rebel Princess

The Rebel Princess, a Chinese drama, follows the story of Wang Xuan (Zhang Zi Yi), a young woman forced into marriage with powerful but low-born general Xiao Qi (Zhou Yi Wei). Their strong bond helps them navigate power struggles and plots threatening the Imperial court. They rise to power and become joint emperors, but the Imperial family schemes against them. The series is directed by Cheng Yuan Hai and Hou Yong and is adapted from Mei Yu Zhe’s novel. Watch ‘The Rebel Princess’ in Hindi on MX Player from 6th September 2023.

16th September 2023 – Black Fox: Age of the Ninja

Black Fox: Age of the Ninja is a Japanese film set in the Samurai and Ninja era. Rikka Isurugi, raised as the future head of the Kitsune ninja clan, meets Miya, who seeks the clan’s help against the Negoroshu gang. Despite her reluctance to kill, Rikka confronts Negoroshu, leading to an unexpected alliance with Miya. As they bond, a hidden figure manipulates Negoroshu against Miya. Spanning 3 episodes, the film unveils the mysterious character’s motives and challenges Rikka to risk her life to save her friend. Watch ‘Black Fox: Age of the Ninja’ in Hindi on MX Player and experience the action from 16th September 2023.

20th September 2023 – Familiar Wife

Familiar Wife, a romantic fantasy K-Drama, follows the story of a married couple living entirely different lives after their fates magically change through an unexpected incident. Cha Joo-hyuk has been married to Seo Woo-Jin for five years. A strange incident happens, and Joo-hyuk makes a decision that unexpectedly impacts his life and those around him. Suddenly, his life with Woo-Jin and his best friend, Yoon Joong-hoo, is gone, and he is leading a very different life. How will his first love, Lee Hye-won, factor into his new life? And will it be possible to get his old life back. Watch ‘Familiar Wife’ on MX Player in Hindi to unravel the mystery from 20th September 2023.

27th September 2023 – Clean With Passion For Now

‘Clean With Passion For Now’ is a K-Drama that follows the story of Jang Sun Gyeol (Yoon Kyun Sang), who has wealth and good looks but suffers from germophobia. He owns a cleaning company and meets messy Gil Oh Sol (Kim Yoo Jung), who joins his company. Oh Sol’s carefree nature clashes with Sun Gyeol’s cleanliness obsession. With her support, Sun Gyeol overcomes his fears and discovers love. The heartwarming series shows how love can bloom in unexpected places. Watch ‘Clean with Passion For Now’ in Hindi on MX Player from September 27, 2023.

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