Music sensation KING enchants students at HLM Fiesta 2023

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The HLM Fiesta 2023 saw the enthusiastic participation of more than 3500 students from schools, academic clubs, and educational institutions

HLM Group of Institutions hosted its annual college fest, ‘HLM Fiesta 2023’, on 24th March. Indian singer and rapper KING who rose to fame with his love ballads and chartbuster hits, ‘Tu Maan Meri Jaan’ and ‘Tu Aake Dekh Le’ gave a mesmerising live performance at the HLM annual fest music concert. Drawing a massive fan base with him, many of his admirers got to see him perform live at the event.

Apart from the musical concert, the HLM Fiesta 2023 invited a bundle of young blood and talent to celebrate dance, music, literary events, and fine arts. The HLM Group organised exuberant and fun-frilled competitions like Rock The Floor, Rangoli Spray of Colours, Poster Making, Funk out of the Junk-Best out of the Waste, Fashion Show, and Fireless Cooking,

The HLM Fiesta 2023 organised a retro Swadeshi-theme-based Fashion Show which was open for both boys and girls. The Fashion Show was unanimously praised for its thematic uniqueness and participants’ originality.Next in line was a theme-based Rangoli competition, named ‘The Rangoli Spray of Colours’ in which students made rangolis on social themes like, ‘Save the Girl Child’, ‘Climate Change’, and ‘Save Water, Save Earth’.

A theme-based Poster Making competition also took place in which participants were given topics like Swaccha Bharat, No To Plastic, G-20, and Addiction to Mobile Phones and Pollution to make rangolis on. It truly brought out the artistic refinement and rawness of artists.

The next competition was based on the principles of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’ (3Rs), named ‘Funk out of the Junk’. The participants made utilitarian and attractive showpieces and items by using waste materials.

The HLM Group organised a Hands-on Cooking activity, named Fire Less Cooking which was a learning opportunity for children to allow themselves to know the basics of an important life skill, cooking. Another attraction of the gala evening, A Fashion show was organised which drew applause from the audience for its brilliant presentation, ambience, and participants.

Tanvi Miglani, COO, HLM Group of Institutions, said, “The HLM-Fiesta 2023 saw the coming together of the HLM student community and youngsters and promoted social intermingling and symbiotic relationship among the youngsters for a greater purpose of knowledge sharing. Many programs and competitions gave students an eminent platform to display their talents. We were happy to see registrations of more than 3500 students for our annual fest.”

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