mTap Expands Horizons, Launches Its Innovative Digital Business Card Platform in India

New Delhi,19th January 2024: mTap, a US-based digital networking solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of its operations in India. With a unique approach to networking and prospecting, mTap provides a seamless solution for individuals and businesses looking to make lasting impressions and build meaningful connections by making follow-up processes more effective and streamlined and facilitating the sharing of digital assets, including contact details.

One of mTap’s key offerings is an advanced digital business card platform designed to enable meaningful connections with an innovative approach to follow-up strategies. Users can effortlessly share digital business cards through a single tap, scan, or link, eliminating the reliance on physical business cards. The platform is compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones, allowing users to create personalized profiles encompassing contact information, social media accounts, payment methods, and various digital assets without requiring an app for viewing.

Enabling the users follow up effectively and efficiently, the platform allows users to set up auto follow-up messages, reminders, and notifications to stay in touch with their prospects and clients. Users can also track the performance of their profiles and links through analytics and insights, and optimize their networking strategies accordingly. mTap helps users to convert leads into customers, and customers into loyal advocates.

The platform’s other standout features include personalization options that enable users to showcase their personal brand through themes, colors, and templates. Sharing contact information is simplified through tapping phones, scanning QR codes, or sharing unique links. Users can also link to diverse digital assets, capture leads seamlessly, and manage contacts efficiently, all integrated with a user-friendly dashboard and CRM capabilities.

Commenting on the development, Roopak Gupta Founder & CEO mTap, said, “At mTap, we envision a future where meaningful connections are forged effortlessly in the digital realm, transcending the limitations of traditional networking. mTap is not just a platform; it is a catalyst for a paradigm shift in how we present ourselves and engage with others. By harnessing the power of technology, we aspire to empower individuals and businesses to create lasting impressions, save resources, and contribute to a sustainable and connected world. As we embark on our journey in India, we are excited to be at the forefront of shaping the future of networking, one tap at a time.”

mTap offers a free plan allowing users to create digital profiles with unlimited links, a custom email signature, a profile QR code, and a lead form. For those seeking advanced features, mTap Pro plans are, priced at INR 469.00 per month, INR 4999.00 per year and INR 24,900 for a lifetime, providing an array of benefits, including multiple profiles, advanced fields, link analytics, auto follow-up, offline QR codes, and CRM integrations. As an introductory offer, mTap is offering heavy discounts of 50% off on lifetime subscriptions and 30% off on annual subscriptions.

One of mTap’s distinctive features is its ability to save users money by replacing physical business cards and enabling real-time information updates. The Pro version further empowers users to connect profiles to a CRM, scan paper cards, and manage multiple profiles efficiently.

With a vision to contribute to India’s digital transformation, mTap aims to achieve an annual recurring revenue of USD 1 million by the end of the fiscal year. The beta testing phase, which saw over 14,000 registered users, 126,000 connections made, and 50,000 leads generated in just six months, reflects the platform’s promising potential.

Inspired by the opportunity to save paper, increase productivity, and align with India’s digital evolution, mTap’s entry into the Indian market marks a significant step towards empowering individuals and businesses with a modern and efficient networking tool.

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