Minosha Redefines Printing Excellence with Ground-breaking Solutions in 2024

Minosha Redefines

New Delhi,9th February 2024 — Minosha, a trailblazer in the printing technology sector, has left an indelible mark on the industry following the success of Pamex 2024. The event, held in Mumbai from February 06-09, 2024, witnessed an overwhelming response as industry leaders, enthusiasts, and experts gathered to witness the dawn of a new era in printing.

Taking center stage at Pamex 2024, Minosha introduced a line-up of revolutionary products that promise to redefine the printing landscape. From enhanced efficiency to unmatched print quality, Minosha’s innovations aim to set new benchmarks for the industry.

Key Highlights:

ProC9500 & ProC7500 – A game-changer in the printing industry, Ricoh engines deliver exceptional performance, establishing as the preferred choice for businesses in search of high-quality printing solutions. Highlighting cutting-edge technology and innovative features, these products are the go-to choice for businesses seeking high-quality printing solutions.

IM460F – Addressing industry challenges head-on, IM460F emerged as a solution that promises to streamline workflows and elevate productivity in modern workplace.

Laser Printers – Minosha India Ltd. is ushering in a new era of office printing solutions designed to meet and exceed the dynamic needs of businesses across India. All our Printers are Wi-Fi-enabled with onsite service offered to our valued customers.

The response from industry experts and attendees alike has been overwhelmingly positive, with accolades pouring in for Minosha’s commitment to innovation. Notable figures from the printing sector have commended the company for its forward-thinking approach and dedication to driving progress. As Pamex 2024 draws to a close, Minosha remains steadfast in its mission to lead the printing industry into the future. The showcased products are poised to create a ripple effect, influencing the evolution of printing technologies globally.

Mr. Atul Thakker, Managing Director of Minosha India Ltd., expressed immense enthusiasm, stating, “Participating in Pamex 2024, a pivotal event in the printing industry, was truly thrilling. Minosha’s commitment to revolutionize printing was vividly showcased through our groundbreaking products, marking a pivotal shift towards enhanced efficiency and sustainability. Our presence at Pamex was more than just product unveiling; it symbolized our relentless dedication to empowering businesses with cutting-edge technologies. The overwhelmingly positive response reinforces Minosha’s position as a driving force for innovation in the printing landscape. Moving forward, we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey, pushing boundaries, and establishing new standards for excellence in the printing industry.”

Pamex 2024 stands as a triumphant milestone for Minosha, heralding a transformative chapter in the company’s quest to revolutionize the printing industry. As the curtains fall on this remarkable event, Minosha persists in its unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and steering the course toward a future where printing reaches unprecedented heights

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