Mia’s latest “Nature’s Finest” collection, an ode to the urban forests nurtures the brand’s journey toward sustainability

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25 April’23: Mia by Tanishq, India’s leading conscious fine jewelry brand, has recently launched a new campaign to promote their latest collection, Nature’s Finest. The new line celebrates the detoxifying, relaxing, and rejuvenating experience one can get from nature, especially amid bustling city life.

Inspired by the beauty of vertical gardens, city parks, and urban forests, this multi-color palette collection made in 100% recycled gold is a true tribute to nature found in cities. The campaign film showcases the various products in the collection, starring in trend gems – emerald – that represent nature and underscores the promise to use 100% recycled gold in all Mia products.

Urban living has its perks, but the hustle and bustle, noise, and pollution can take a toll on our well-being. Gen Zs are always on the lookout for ways to connect with nature and find calm amidst the chaos. The campaign’s warm tones, breezy and light feel, the balance of urban landscapes and greenery, and seamless product-focused shots inspired by elements of nature make it the perfect jewelry collection this summer.

The campaign film showcases the brand’s unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The 60-second film features a diverse range of models and situations, inspiring viewers to embrace their unique differences and celebrate inclusivity. It highlights the unique perspectives and beliefs of different groups for a greater understanding and appreciation of the richness and complexity of human experience. It is a celebration of difference.

The film’s opening scene truly captures the beauty and importance of reconnecting with nature. Amidst the urban lock-ins, the protagonist’s eagerness to step into the fresh air and embrace the vast green fields is truly relatable. The visuals represent the stark reality of busy city life and how we often lose touch with the simple things in life. The film showcases how nature helps you build on your love through the sequence consisting of a same-sex couple of two women of different ages, who are shown planting houseplants and nurturing their home with love. The woman featured in this third segment is a true inspiration when it comes to tending to one’s personal growth. Just like how she takes stock of her plants’ growth, she also takes time to reflect on her personal development. The final segment features a typical girl next door coming home from a hectic day at work, feeling stressed and exhausted. Instantly, the trees rustle, and the sunlight shines through the leaves, showing her the bright side of life.

The new Nature’s Finest collection by Mia reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability, diversity, and inclusion while being aesthetically pleasing and fashionable. The collection is a perfect choice for the summer and the upcoming Akshaya Tritiya.

Mia's latest Nature's Finest collection,

Elaborating further on the campaign, Shyamala Ramanan, Business Head, Mia by Tanishq, says, ” With the rise in hustle culture and city stress, nature provides the perfect escape to detox and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. Our latest range of chic nature-inspired designs with on-trend natural emeralds is a representation of the current generation who are obsessed with greening up the urban concrete jungle and their surroundings; not only for aesthetic reasons but because they truly believe that connecting & giving back to nature enhances wellbeing.”

Speaking on the thought that went behind the film, Melvin Jacob, Creative Head, Famous Innovations, comments, ” Nature never rushes, yet everything happens right on time. In the city rush, this is something we often forget. When the Mia team shared their beautiful nature-inspired range with us, we wanted to do justice with a film that’s equally light and inspiring..”

The film was shot digitally adhering to all safety norms to ensure a safe filming experience for everyone.

Agency Credits:

Famous Innovations

Director: Bosco

Production House: Dark Horse Productions

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